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    Amira {Complete}


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    Amira {Complete}

    Post by Amira on Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:33 am

    Basic Information
    Name: Amira
    --Nickname: N/a
    ---Special Title: N/a
    Gender: Female
    Actual Age: 18, Now she's 20.
    Amira is a very kind and giving girl. She stays loyal to her friends and family, and will stick by them no matter what. Even when things start to get dark, she won’t abandon them. Not for anything. She will help anyone who needs it; even if they are strangers she’d never met before. To see someone who is unhappy or in pain, is the worst thing for her, and she still strive to make them feel better, no matter the cost. Through the years, she found she isn’t very good at comfort, in her own opinion. So, in order to still be able to help them, she will lend an ear and listen to anything that they have to say, or that is on their minds. In the end, she will normally hug it out, as it’s the only form of comfort she knows how to do. When it comes to large groups of people she knows, she will do anything in her power to keep everyone happy with each other. Seeing people fight isn’t something that she likes to do, or can stand seeing. Because of this, she will often sacrifice her own feelings for others.

    Amira is pretty much a peacekeeper when it comes to groups of people, or even one on one talks. She has a way of trying to keep everyone calm, while discussing everything in a calm manor. She doesn’t like the high stress arguments that often seem to go on around her. When it comes to the direction of an argument being pointed on her, she will more often than not shoulder the blame completely. In order to avoid confrontation, she just stops it by agreeing that it’s her fault and no one else’s. Amira will also do anything in her power to avoid an argument from starting again, or spiraling farther out of control. She hates for things to escalate rapidly, and knows that is normally the course of an argument. So, she tries to keep things in check. However, she does know when to keep herself out of other people’s arguments, as well as when to stick her nose into it, and figure out if she can help or not.

    Amira, like everyone else in the world, isn’t always a happy kind of person. Normally, when you see her around she will have a smile on her face, a kind word to say, and be happy, but when she’s angry, she will handle things a lot differently. Amira doesn’t like confrontation, at all. She also hates to have people made at her. It makes her feel as though everything is darker. So what to do when she’s angry at someone? She will merely not yell at people. No matter if it’s a stranger, a friend, or a family member, she will not yell back at them. Her way of handling her anger, is to simply keep it to herself. She won’t express her emotions to those she’s mad at; however, she does do some things. One thing that Amira will do would be to stay away from the person she’d mad at. Another would be to hold a grudge. However, if she does try to hold a grudge, it won’t last for longer than a day or two. She is a very quick to forgive. Often too quick to hand out forgiveness. Even when someone hurts her, she tends to forgive them, despite the lingering pain.

    When it comes to fights, her bark is much worse than her bite. Amira will always try her hardest to avoid something escalating into a fight. However, that generally won’t always happen in all situations that one might face. So when things don’t go her way and come to blows, what will she do? Amira will never give out the first hit. She will never be the one to make an attack first, even if she might be the one who started the argument, despite perhaps not meaning to. Normally, the only time she’ll fight back is in self-defense. She isn’t afraid to defend herself from people, or defend her family or friends. She fights with loyalty in mind, always. While she will defend those she cares about, she will normally try to intimidate someone off or away from a fight, instead of actually going as far as to exchanging blows. Not that she thinks of herself as very threatening, it still helps to be able to at least try and get people to calm down, or back off.

    Amira is generally a happy person, yes, but while she is normally always seen in a good mood, there are days when she gets really depressed. Although, she’d never let it show to anyone, the girl tends to bottle her emotions a lot, and always. This is also her way of not letting others in on how she really feels, so she doesn’t worry them. Amira will never cry in front of people, or be anything other than protective, happy, and sometimes just neutral. As a response to the bottled emotions, she had times when she feels numb to the world, and everyone around her. Nothing can break though the feeling of nothing. These will usually only lasts for a day. However, when she does finally break, she’ll want to get away from everyone, disappear into nothingness, and not exist. The reason for this is because when she reaches her breaking point, she wants to be completely alone. No one can know she’s showing the less desirable emotions. No one can know, hear, or see her when she gets like this, or she denies it all, and bottles it again to avoid worrying people.

    Amira tries her best to be the strong one for other people. She believes it’s her job to do that. She will often lend herself to be the person that everyone goes to for a shoulder to cry on, or to vent to. She will always be the strong one for someone, because with her past, she feels like she has to be that person. Someone has to do that job, and so she is the one who will always be doing it. This is one more example of her self sacrifice, though. Amira will often wish that for just one day she could change her roles. For one day, she wants to be the one who’s allowed to be the weak one. The one who cries for things that normal people cry for, get upset at things, get mad at things, something. One day, to just stop having to pretend to be the rock, and be allowed to be the piece of seaweed that’s just caught on it in the stream bed. Of course, when she’s alone, is the only time she allows herself to show any kind of weakness.

    When it comes to strong emotions, and what is often known as Love, Amira will find herself disagreeing. Amira has been hurt in the past, and that’s made her views on the whole love thing change drastically. She has trust issues now. She finds it hard to believe anyone when they tell her that they care for her. She will second guess herself, if she’s doing something right or not, or made the right decisions or not. She hates to make decisions, and she hates to hurt people more than anything in the entire world, which makes her believe that love will only lead to pain. With all of this, she truly believes that the thing that people call ‘love’ doesn’t exist. Strong feelings for someone, sure, but what really is love? Love to her is merely an empty word that means nothing. The phrase ‘I love you’ is just something that people throw around, and they don’t mean it. How can they when they will only hurt you in the end? With her disbelief in love, there is a small bit of hope. A very small part of the girl does hope that one day, someone will prove to her that she’d wrong. That they will prove to her that love actually does exist, and mean what they tell her for once. Even if her story isn’t a fairy tale that ends in Happily Ever After.

    When Amira is alone, she will do anything in her power to not be left in silence. She does love the freedom of being by herself sometimes, but at the same time, she hates silence almost as much as she hates to hurt people. To avoid being left in silence, she will often have a radio on, or any other source of noise she can find. If there’s nothing to make noise, and no one can see or hear her, she will be known to start singing randomly, and dancing around the room to try to brighten her own mood. She would honestly never start to sing around other people, because she’d way too shy to do it. That being, unless she’d completely comfortable around the person, or people that she’d with. She fears what other people think of her, and she doesn’t want to steer their ideas in a negative direction by being a freak. In other times when she’s alone, her mind will often travel to darker places. Her morbid thinking is a bit extreme sometimes, coming up with ways to be offed, and what would happen if she was. Would anyone know she was gone? Would anyone miss her?

    When there are people around, Amira is generally the soft spoken and shy one of the group, or even just in general when meeting someone. When she’s with a group of friend, she will generally be just a follower to them, going along with whatever they want to do. Of course, that will change in the case of any danger. When someone she cares about is in danger, she’s immediately the protective one, or will try to be. She will be a bit different, however, once she actually gets to know someone and they are close to her. As soon as she gets to know someone better, she’d very outgoing, and loud. She hates to be just sitting around and doing nothing with her friends, for she loves to actually go out and go places and do things. Of course, alone, she would be too shy to go by herself. She will joke a lot with her friends, and have fun with them. She will also make sure that everyone is having fun, and agrees on what to do.

    Some other general things about Amira are that she loves the night time. Her favorite thing to do during the night time is to sit under a clear dark sky, and just look up at the moon and all the stars. She also loves to have the wind in her face. On days when it’s breezy or there’s a strong wind, she will just stop, close her eyes, and let the wind blow on her face and through her hair. It relaxes her. She also especially loves her element, water. To be in water, swimming, or even just standing in the rain, is another thing that she loves to do, and that relaxes her. When it comes to other things that she likes, that includes being snuggled up, and romance. However, she doesn’t like having to tell people what she likes, hoping someone will just figure her out one day. Not that it will ever happen, but she can dream. When it comes to things she hates, it generally just assholes, dicks, and people who use others. She also really hates fake people, and those that think they’re better than everyone else. As for fears, she a small list of things that scare her, but they tend to be pretty common things. Her fears include spiders. All different breeds of spiders scare her. However, she doesn’t mind them if they’re already on a web, just the ones that are crawling around. Unless they’re in her room, then even on a web they scare her. Moths are another thing that scares her. She hates when they dive-bomb her, and just the way they look and are. In some cases, she also has a small fear of storms. As a last general thing about Amira, she loves animals, especially cats.


    Amira is a tall and skinny girl. At the height of 5’8’’, she weighs around 136 pounds. Her skin is a little paler than a normal person, and much paler than those of the Water Tribes. Her eyes are generally a blue green hazel color, however they tend to change color between a light green, to a grey, to a light blue. Her hair is generally brown, but in the summer months it turns a little more blonde, growing a bit lighter under the sunlight. Her hair length is down to her mid back. She keeps the style of it naturally wavy, and down in long strands. Her hair usually spiky and frizzy and out of control. She also has bangs that partially fall into her eyes. In her hair, the girl also wears a feather of a blue jay that she found. She also has two tattoos. One is a wave like design from the side of her thigh up her side, made up of greyish blue ink. The other is a tribal design on her left shoulder, the ink being a light blue. This one depicting a mouth agape with fangs.

    As for clothing, she tries to keep to traditional water tribe garb, with a bit of her own twist. As a top, Amira wears a black half tank top that leaves her mid drift exposed.  On her wrists, and up to her elbows she has black arm warmers. These are to keep hidden the burn mark on her right wrist from when she 'fell' into the fire as a kid. On her left arm is the tattoo, and on her right she had a braided bracelet. On her left wrist she also wears dangle bracelets, because she likes the sound that they make. Around her neck there are two necklaces. One is a blue stone called Larimar, and the other is a braided necklace with a shell on it. She does have her ears pierced, but she hardly wares the earrings, which are shells as well.

    Below the waist line, Amira wears black leggings that reach her ankles. On her feet, and reaching up to her knees are black combat boots. They don't have heels, and aren't as clunky as normal boots. She made sure they would still allow her to slip around silently if she had to. Plus, they have pockets on the side of them, which are used to store last resort water in case she needs it. Around her waist she wears two belts. One is a normal brown belt that she keeps pouches of water attached to. The other doesn't have much of a purpose besides being a tie. This one is a braided brown rope belt.

    In order to keep her appearance more traditional, Amira also wears a blue almost shawl which she drapes around her shoulder and waist. It hangs down on the sides and back, much like a skirt would, to about her ankles. The brown rope belt is used as a tie to keep the shawl from falling or coming unraveled from around her. The shawl isn't completely blue, it has white trim with both dark and light blue patterns on it. Finally, the other thing that Amira will wear depends on if it's cold enough outside. She had a rather large attachment to her boyfriend, Terran, and his trench coat. The said coat had since been stolen, and she wears it around when it's cold enough out. Considering her usual appearance is more for summer time.

    Character Information
    Bender: Yes
    --Element: Water
    Affinity: Water/Air
    Class: Middle
    Career: Painter
    Birth: Early-Fall

    Loyalty: Avatar
    Place of Birth: Fire Nation
    Residence: Republic City

    Strength: Poor
    Speed: Above Average
    Stamina: Below Average
    Chi: Excellent
    Intelligence: Average

    Weapon Type: (Katana, staff, etc.)
    Weapon Appearance:
    Weapon Abilities:

    Character Background
    In the early fall, with the leaves turning into their bright and beautiful colors on the trees, Amira was born. Her place of birth was the Fire Nation, in a fairly decent sized city that housed many people. The part of the city she lived in was a middle class section. She was born to two very different parents. Her father, a Firebender from the Nation, and her mother, a Non-bender from the Southern Water Tribe. Amira was the second child born of two. She has an older brother who is a Firebender, and he the prize to her father. Her father was a man who only cared about his children succeeding, and doing something in their lives. Unless it cost him money, he didn’t pay much attention to Amira. Her mother was the opposite, being very overprotective with her kids. Her brother, a very nice boy, who is four years older than she is.

    Growing up in the Fire Nation was a very short lived experience. Honestly, she doesn’t remember much about it. When she was four, her parents got into a huge fight and split up. Her mother took her and they moved to the Southern Water Tribe to live with her grandparents. Her brother stayed with her father in the Fire Nation. She honestly doesn’t remember much about either of them. Her grandparents were both Waterbenders, unlike her mother. They showed her different things to do with the water, and how to bend it. By the age of seven, it was clear that Amira was a Waterbender, and she could even bend the water around a little bit. However, she struggled slightly with her control. Still, her grandparents were proud of her, and her mother was just happy she wasn’t a Firebender like her father and brother.

    With a new life in the Water Tribe, and a new found ability to bend, Amira set off to find friends and have a life. She was of course rather shy with people, but she did find some girls who she grew rather close to quickly. They would practice their bending together, and play together. They would go to each other’s houses and have slumber parties, like all little girls would. Of course, as they grew older, they started to drift apart. Amira was into things they weren’t, and it put a strain on her friendship. She was backstabbed by her so called friends a couple times before she’d actually do something about it. She went off by herself, never fully trusting if people were her friends anymore, or just using her.

    When she was ten, her mother had had been dating another man for a couple of years. Now, they were living together, and that meant Amira lived with them too. The new man was a non-bender as well, and he wasn’t a nice person at all. After a couple months of getting situated, it became clear that this was an abusive relationship. The man her mother dated was not only verbally and physically abuse her, but also Amira was stuck in the cross fire. On the night of her eleventh birthday, her mother and step-dad got into an argument. He went to strike at her mother, and Amira jumped into the way. She took the hit from him, and landed on the ground by the fire. Her arm ended up in the flames, and that’s where the burn mark she has comes from.

    Still, it wouldn’t be until Amira was fifteen that her mother finally left the man. They moved back in with Amira’s grandparents, and lived with them. Amira didn’t have many friends, and she was too shy and scared of people to try and make any. She kept to herself for the most part, and mostly, she made sure to hide the burn she’d received. The scar a permanent reminder to her of the man she’d had to deal with for five years of her life. She and her mother were also starting to grow distant. Her mother was ashamed of putting her daughter through what she did, but at the same time, she would often get angry and start yelling at her for being the way she was. Blaming her for not having any friends, and that she’d never be able to make anything of herself with the way she was. On the night of a particularly bad fight, Amira stormed out and headed to a spot she’d learned she could be alone in. Along the way, she stopped to watch someone painting. With tears running down her cheeks still, she found herself lost in the way that the man was painting.

    Amira went to watch the man every day as he painted different things. She’d talk to him about his paintings, and one day, he even let her try. The man told her the basics of how you can paint with waterbending, by controlling the different would be brush strokes. Amira found something she fell in love with, and was good at. The man gave her some paints, and canvas, and sent her home with them. Amira kept them hidden, but on nights when she felt horrible, she would often pull them out, and paint the dark things in her life, and from her past. It was her way of venting, and she was beginning to get good at it. She finally had an escape from reality. This was also how she started to make friends. She found others who were into arts, and from them, she learned new tricks, and even shared some of her own. She found a place where she fit in, and she loved every minute of it.

    At the age of sixteen, Amira decided that she wanted to go to Republic City. She wanted a new perspective to paint that wasn’t exactly all white snow. Her mother was completely against it, but her grandmother was all for her want to be free. Secretly, she and her grandmother planned out a new life for Amira in Republic City. She even supplied the money she would need. Traveling to the city, Amira set up a place to stay, and then started to look for a job. She did a lot of odd jobs around, while all the while putting extra money into her painting supplies. One day, while she was painting in the park, a women came over to watch her. When Amira had finished with the painting, the women was impressed, and offered her to come work in her own studio, being a painter herself. Amira was thrilled by the offer and took her up on it immediately.

    It wasn’t long before people started to take notice in her work. By the age of seventeen, Amira was completely well off with her paintings. She had a whole room in her apartment as a work studio, and she even did a bit of freelance and recreational painting on the side. Amira dabbled in the traditional works of art as well, but nothing compared to her love of painting. She hopes to be able to one day open up a real studio of her own one day, and sell her own paintings as a shop owner. For now, she is happy to work with the women in the shop as a portrait artist. It allows her to not only paint people, but also to be able to still paint backgrounds of nature and the world. Although, her own paintings will sometimes still be of dark moments in her past, but like the memories, she does her best to keep those ones out of sight and mind.

    Now eighteen, Amira loves living in the city, and she loves working for the women. She gets requests specifically for her artist skills, and she couldn’t be happier. She leads a middle class life, and has made her small apartment into a home. Although, she doesn’t incorporate much of her past life into her new. She actually tries to avoid her old life at all costs, even if that meant that she'd be cutting herself off from her mother and everyone else she left behind.

    With the news of the equalists and Amon, Amira fully sided with the avatar, not only because she is a bender, but because she truly believes in the way Republic City was supposed to be, back in Aang’s time. Although, not much of a fighter, she still will give her support to the avatar. In her new life, she has made a couple friends, but most are her customers, and the women who owns the shop. Of course, during the raid on the city her studio was destroyed, and she was forced to leave and stay with Terran from now on.

    At the age of nineteen, the whole civil war with the water tribes happened. While she was slightly worried about her family in the south, she never tried to get into contact with them. Mostly she just tried to ignore the whole fight going on in the first place. She didn't want to hear about it, but living on Air Temple Island, that was all she heard about. So, in order to avoid it, she stayed away from the city were the protests were, and instead turned to her paintings. Painting always let her vent her emotions she didn't feel like sharing. Perhaps it was around this time she stopped being the shy closed off girl she used to be.

    Finally at age twenty, Harmonic Convergence was upon them. Air-benders were starting to spring up around the world, and that meant that Terran would have to start helping to train them. So, she'd have to except that and help him as well. Not that she wouldn't have anyways, but she was actually excited about this. The problem with Harmonic Convergence was that Korra decided to let spirits into the real world. That meant spirit problems for the Temple, as well as vines around the city. Considering the vines only annoyed her because they covered her destroyed studio(The woman had no money to pay for the damages, and nor did Amira), other than that, she really didn't mine everything going on.

    Code of Approval: I will follow the rules or else DIN WILL KILL ME.

    RP Sample:
    Amaya looked over when a yellow envelope slipped under her door. She pushed herself up off the couch, and walked over to the door. The sun was being lazy as it shone in through the drawn blinds. It was pretty close to evening, and the rays were starting to die. It only made it all the more annoying to have to look at. However, it also meant that it was time to go on the clock, and that was the meaning of the random note. Stooping down, the girl picked the envelope up.

    Opening the flap, the girl produced from the yellow paper a white one. The paper had a couple things scribbled down on it. The first was the mission. Amaya was to be sent out to investigate competition for her boss. From there she needed to report to the coordinates that were on the paper as well. She would hand over the information she gathered, and then she could be on her way. It all seemed so easy, but she knew better. If she was being sent to do this, it meant that the competition was up to something and they needed her 'skills' to get this job done.

    Source: It's Lilikanna

    [ Final Fantasy 13, Fang, Amira]

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    Um... Loyalty is Republic City/Northern Water Tribe? I think you should put Equalists/Avatar/Neutral or something. Whatever it says on your profile maybe.

    What do you mean by her nickname is a lot? I think you should list them.

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