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    Post by Din on Mon May 07, 2012 7:36 pm

    Basic Information
    Name: Din
    --Nickname: Dindin (by brother) 
    ---Special Title: None
    Gender: Female
    Visual Age: 18
    Actual Age: 21
    Personality: During the day, Din is a very shy, sweet, and open person. She doesn't have many friends, so she often tries too hard to make them. Still, her shy exterior makes her avoid conversing with people. She tends not to tell people about her work and she cares deeply about how people think of her, which is hypocritical of her since she says the complete opposite at night. She is a completely different person during the day than at night.

    At night, Din is very cunning, manipulative, and strategic. She can be very controlling and is a very good liar when she needs to be. She only is caring and kind to those who she is fond of, like her family and friends. She tries to detach herself from others often so that she does not risk having feelings for them, in case they are ever in danger. She does not want to have to worry about anyone but herself. She has a short temper and blows up easily. She can be very stubborn, yet indecisive at times, especially when making big decisions. The only reason she acts this way at night is for her work.

    Trying to figure herself out, Din isn't quite sure which one is the "real" her. She is confused with who she really is and wonders where her heart truly lies. She generally is a caring person, but she loses her anger easily. She is generally quiet and withdrawn because she doesn't know what to say to people, or how to make friends. She just hopes that people will approach her first. She misses her parents dearly, but is too afraid to face them after leaving without a word in the night.

    After Din had lost her bending, she had become severely depressed and ashamed of herself and how her life had turned out. Even though she hated her life in royalty, she missed her family deeply and had never felt so alone even with her new found freedom. Her brother, Zen had helped her find herself again and she had decided that she would join the United Forces. Since then, she has never been stronger, more caring, and she truly shows her open self to everyone, being gentile and kind to those she loves, while being tough and aggressive to those who show harm.

    Din Tumblr_n8iq75LU2x1rl3yf0o1_500

    Din has a curved, thin body and is on the shorter side, being at 5'3". She had long, black hair but cut it short when she finally became cross with it. She has bright, amber eyes most common to Fire Nation men and women. Her skin is fair and pale and she hates keeping her hair up, so she always has it down.

    Din is apart of noble blood, so she often wears the noble colors when setting foot anywhere. Her normal clothing that she uses for combat and out of town would be her long sleeved burgundy shirt and burgundy pants with a Fire Nation custom red and gold, short fit dress that is tied together with a gold obi. She wears brown boots with steel toes and keeps the front of her hair back with a red tie.

    When she stays at her home in the Fire Nation, she wears an upper-class common dress when going out for casual reasons. If she is staying with her family for an event or throwing a party, she will wear her noble dress.
    Her common dress is red, long and flows down to her shins and she wears a pair of black, slip on shoes with it and a black corset. This is her most common outfit to wear when she is not in Republic City or with the United Forces. It is her casual clothing for walking around the Fire Nation. Her noble dress is silk and it is burgundy, falling to her ankles. She wears a silk, red and gold long sleeved shirt over it with a pair of black slip on shoes and puts half her hair into a bun. She even wears makeup.

    Common Dress
    Din 390332_4032885422506_1411484680_n

    Noble Dress
    Din Formaldin

    When in Republic City, she used to be a bounty hunter, and went for a more "on edge" appearance. She wore a black jumper with a burgundy tunic over it and her tan boots. Her hair was long and neat, but she was forced to cut it to escape from Equalists.
    Din 1240041_10200528504277095_1826547980_n

    Character Information
    Bender: Yes
    --Element: Fire
    Affinity: Fire
    Class: Rich
    Career: Security Escort
    Birth: Early Spring
    Loyalty: The Avatar
    Place of Birth: Fire Nation Capital
    Residence: Fire Nation Capital

    Strength: Excellent
    Speed: Excellent
    Stamina: Perfect
    Chi: Perfect
    Intelligence: Excellent

    Character Background
    History: Din was born in the Fire Nation Capital, her family being apart of royal aristocracy during the Fire Nation's prime. While the 100 Year War was occurring, they were against the Fire Lord, but could not speak out against him without fear of death. Din's father's grandfather was apart of the council that discussed war plans at the time, and he has passed on this career to each of his sons and their sons. Din's mother is Ruka, a beautiful woman who was raised on money and high power. Her father, Li, is apart of the war council, and is retired commander of the United Forces, thus returning to his job as a council member for the Fire Nation. Discussing war tactics with the firelord is his main priority.

    Din grew up as a younger sister to Zen, getting everything she could ever want, whenever she wanted, but it costed strict expectations of her. Her parents had always shown love and care for her, but there was always a sense of favoritism for her brother. They had always hoped and dreamed to have a son who would go to become a soldier, carrying on the tradition of their family. Din was raised much like a princess, but was mostly shown as a trophy child. With her mother's strict view of women being simply for cooking, cleaning, and being beautiful trophies for their husbands, he did not approve of her wanting to take combat classes. She took simple firebending classes. She didn't want her "beautiful flower" to have thorns and hurt herself. Her father was more accepting of her wishing to take more of an aggressive approach with her bending thankfully, and he was able to talk her mother in letting her take the same classes Zen had growing up.

    Din was very attached to her older brother and was always by his side. Growing up literally next door to the Fire Palace, Din became fascinated with the idea of becoming a great bender. While Zen was taking more advanced firebending classes than she was, she would continuously watch him to try to catch up and compete with him for their parents' attention. Eventually her father had noticed her interest in bending and had allowed her to advance.

    Din Zen_and_din_by_meariishiotsu-d5dcawf

    Ever since she had started to take the same classes as Zen for firebending, she made sure to follow every move her brother made, which helped her prove to be a prodigy, much like Azula during her time and age. By the time she was 14, she was able to master blue flames. This was something that she had finally impressed her parents with, since Zen had only ever used orange flames. She had finally found something to be proud of. Of course, Zen had always one-up'd her when it came to bending. Whenever she learned something, he learned it just as well, and they gave him the most credit for it. The blue flames were her only achievement.  

    Knowing that her brother wasn't always going to have time for her, she decided to open up and make new friends. She met another firebender named Shigeru, whom she became very close to, almost as though he was her brother. The two were inseparable when her brother was away, for Zen had graduated early and joined the United Forces, and she hadn't heard from him since, despite the letters she wrote.

    Unfortunately, growing up she was put under a lot of pressure. Having to live up to her parents' standards to be as honorable as her older brother was. She felt as though she was never good enough. She grew up knowing her parents wanted her to be either a Lady of High Honour - a girl who prances around bragging about how much money they have and acting like a princess without all the politics, or join the United Forces like her brother planned to. She wanted neither. She wanted to go down her own path.

    Din was fascinated by Pro-bending and was often caught listening to it late at night on the radio while in adolescence. Her parents thought it to be uncivilized and forbade her to listen to it, though she continued to do it in secret. Being advanced in all of her classes, she was able to graduate from school by the time she was 15 years old. She had a bright future and her parents always thought she'd be the their prized jewel to win over a rich new member of the family through marriage. Unfortunately, she was unhappy with her way of life. She felt smothered and taken for granted. One day, her parents found out about her radio in her room, and confiscated it because it was "corrupting her" with the pro-bending. She was a bit upset about this, but her parents tried to make it up to her by buying her a pet slothbear named Mara. She loved this creature deeply and they were inseparable.

    When Din had turned 17, she felt a bit more disconnected to her family. Their high demands and expectations of her were making her feel as though she was never going to be able to make her own choices. They wanted her to be what they wanted her to be and made no exceptions. She had thoughts of running away for quite some time, but was always afraid to go through with it. One day, her parents were talking about how vile Republic City was becoming with crime rates at the dinner table. They then began to insult pro-bending--something that Din loved so much. Slamming her hand on the table, she excused herself and headed to her room. Her parents (not caring much for why she was upset, but embarrassed nonetheless for her behavior) had sent Zen to go and find out what was wrong.

    Zen had attempted to try to calm his sister, although she was much to livid to listen to him. They got into a fierce argument that left Zen extremely angered and leaving her room and slamming the door. She had lost her brother. The relationship that they had, being so close and best friends seemed to suddenly vanished and it left a scar in Din's heart. That night, Din left, leaving a note saying she wanted to start a life in the Republic City. When she arrived there, she bought a small, one room apartment and started off working at a small tea shop.

    Din was dirt poor. She didn't take any money with her except for whatever she had in her pockets and didn't make a lot of money as a waitress. She was an exquisite firebender though, and ti caught many people's attention whenever she'd join tournaments during festivals. One person who watched her and took a particular interest in her was a blind earthbender known as Lor. One day he approached her, asking her about her life and what she wanted to do. Taking note that the two got along fairly well, he had then asked her if she would like to be his apprentice - he was in need of a successor to hold the fort in Republic City while he left for the Earth Kingdom.

    Leaving her job as a tea waitress, she became the apprentice of Lor, whom was known as one of the most dangerous bounty hunters of the era. He wanted her to remain in the city to do his job while he traveled the Earth Kingdom. He taught her how to use stealth, observant skills, and even sent her on a mission to infiltrate the Equalists. After Lor left, she was the main broker in town. People came to her often, good people, criminals, and anyone who needed information. She didn't care who it was, as long as she got the cash.

    Din became apart of a Pro-bending team known as the Vendetta Vipers with an old friend, Averki, and Caara, a new friend she made upon arriving to Republic City. They made there way to the top quickly and were excited to find out that they made it to the tournament. Hearing that Amon was planning to infiltrate the arena, she was a bit nervous and had a bad feeling about it. Still, she didn't want to give up their chance of success. Leading her team to the top, they went into the finals.

    When the pro-bending tournament had ended, the Equalists had entered the arena. Immediately taking action to protect Averki, the two ran out of the building and onto Mara as fast as they could to get out. Unfortunately, Equalists had surrounded her. She knew that she was the one they wanted, so she sent Mara and Averki for the ships headed out to the Fire Nation Capital, where it was safe. Staying behind and trying to fight for her life, she wasn't able to last long and was captured and taken to Amon. That night, her bending was taken and she was held prisoner.

    Averki was able to make it safely to the Fire Nation where she had then made way to Din's home, alerting her family of what had happened to her. Sending a raven to Zen, her parents immediately sent a squad out to Republic City to find her, Averki included in this. When Zen had gotten word, he immediately began his search for his sister. Late in the night, while Din was asleep in her cell, there was a break in where Averki and the squad had came to her rescue, taking her back to the Fire Nation.

    When she first arrived to the Fire Nation, she was unsure of how her parents would react to find out. She put it off and decided to wait until later that night and her first stop was to the local bar. Completely ashamed with herself and thinking she was completely worthless, she was going to drink her worries away. Unfortunately for her, her brother was there and immediately began questioning her. He then took her back to their parents, where she had to explain herself, expecting to he harshly lectured... only to be welcomed back into her family's arms. They were so worried about her and glad she was safe, they didn't care about anything else.

    When Amon was found out to be a fraud and the Avatar was given the power to return the bending to the people, Din had been one of the first to receive the spiritual relief as her bending was returned. Of course, when the civil war had broken out between the North and South Water Tribes, the young Avatar then took hiatus from the city to help the best she could. Din stayed within the city with many others to help bring the town back to harmony and balance. 

    During the Harmonic Convergence, Din had gathered a group of people to escort out of the city when Vaatu was bringing his wrath upon the city. She brought them to safety, waiting out until Korra could successfully defeat him like she knew she would. Now that the Convergence has ended and the spiritual and human world has been brought together, Din believes that it has been long overdue since she has been home to see her parents. 

    Din is now living back at home in the Fire Nation and has made amends with her brother and parents. Although they now trust her to make her own decisions and respect them, she is now working as a Security Escort who travels to and from the Fire Nation whenever someone of importance must take a leave or is returning home. 

    Roleplay Sample:
    As Din watched the girls movements, she thought about what she had meant as referring to herself as a "goddess". Not having much time to think, she was analyzing the way that the girl fought, noticing that she was especially good at surrounding the opponent so that they only had a few options for how to escape. Thankfully for Din, being a master bender, she was able to fly with the heels of her feet. As she began twirling where she stood, she created a wall of fire between herself and the world around her to evade any fire coming near her, while her feet then kicked up, flames erupting from them so that she soared high into the air, ready for an attack.

    Diving toward Kira, She waved her hands in a circular motion as thin disks of blue fire erupted, soaring toward the girl at immense speed. She then cocked her wrists back as she shot her fingers forward, lightening swirling down after the disks. The disks themselves were not intended to hit Kira, but to surround her, giving her nowhere to go as the lightening would stab her through the middle. Before landing and doing a frontward roll slightly to the left of the area, she then turned and shot a large wall of flames toward her in case she would try to avoid the attack.

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