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Hello and welcome to Republic City: Thread of Fate! We hope you enjoy your time here and hope that you have adjusted well to Harmonic Convergence! Please, drive safely and avoid spirit trees and vines that may pop up in the road during your time here!
Republic City: Threads of Fate

A Legend of Korra RPG meant to bring together benders of all experience!

Welcome to Republic City: Threads of Fate! We are back and ready to Role Play! Please invite your friends to help make this place active again!

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    Post by Din on Mon May 07, 2012 7:46 pm

    Name: Mara
    Species: sloth bear
    Size: Large
    Gender: Female
    Age: 5
    Mara the Sloth Bear Stock-photo-sloth-bear-melursus-ursinus-33132646
    Personality: Their personalities are rather upbeat and cheery, but they are very protective of their owners, often becoming vicious toward anyone who attacks them.
    Class: benders
    --Element: fire

    Speed: Excellent
    Strength: Average
    Stamina: Average
    Chi: Average
    Intelligence: Excellent

    -Has great breath control
    -Quick claw movements
    -Understands language, speaks in sign language at times

    -Poor Bender
    -Very poor defense
    -Does not recognize an enemy unless it has already attacked Din

    History:  Mara, a panda-sloth that Din was given when she was 18. Long-living animals that originated in the forests of the Fire Nation. She is about the size of a large house-cat and is the shape of a sloth with panda colors. Being infatuated with the animal, the two were inseparable and became very close to each other. Now Mara unable to stay away from her and becomes very depressed when they are separated. She refuses to obey anyone except for Din, unless directed otherwise by Din. They continue to roam the streets of Republic City together in harmony.

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