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    Amira's Pet Empty Amira's Pet

    Post by Amira on Mon Oct 01, 2012 2:42 pm

    Name: Nevaeh
    Species: Blaze Panda
    Size: Small
    Gender: Female
    Age: 2 months old
    Amira's Pet 1152222-bigthumbnail
    Currently: Light orange body with darker orange legs, and lighter orange stripes on the tail. The tail is thicker and more fluffy. The body is small and fluffy, attempting to stay out of danger by appearing as less of a threat in the wilds. The face is light orange with big round dark eyes, and white eyebrow like tuffs of fur. The ears are pointed much like a cat with white tips. The sides of the face and the muzzle are also white. The size is much like that of 2 month old german shepard puppy.

    Amira's Pet After_the_storm_by_demonml-d5ave2r
    Later: When older the fur darkens for the actual body color, and is about the size of an actual panda bear with the body type of a great dane or fox. The paws are a dark orange almost brown, giving a sock appearance. The stripes on the tail are much lighter and more of a white creamish color, and the tail remains as fluffy as before. The body also develops a more fluffy appearance with black fluff along the back, around the neck, and down the stomach. The face is also the same dark orange, but the white wraps the big dark eyes and muzzle, connected. The ears are also still tipped, but with a stripe at their bases.

    Personality: When it comes to behavior, as a young-ling like she is, she's generally very shy around people. She likes to be pet and scratched though, but she'd stubborn about who can touch her and who's allowed to get near her least she run. Around Amira or Terran, she's very loving, always looking for affection. She wants to be in everyone's lap and carried, and she will often complain about having to walk long distances. When older, she's a bit more suspisous around other people, but other than that, everything remains just about the same. Minus being held. She knows she's too big. She still jumps up on people's laps's though. Or sits on them. It's her way of telling people to pay attention to her.
    Class: Bender
    --Element: Water

    Speed: Excellent
    Strength: Poor
    Stamina: Poor
    Chi: Excellent
    Intelligence: Average

    ~ Brilliant Senses
    ~ Powerful Bender
    ~ Perfectly able to understand language

    ~ Not really a fighter, more of a love pet
    ~ No swimming ability
    ~ Too shy and coy to come save the day

    History: Nevaeh was actually a gift given to Amira by Terran. She is still very young and just a little fuzzball.


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    Amira's Pet Empty Re: Amira's Pet

    Post by Terran Lockheart on Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:37 am

    Approved <3

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