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    Aitou  Empty Aitou

    Post by Aitou on Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:15 am

    Basic Information
    Name: Souzen, Aitou
    --Nickname: Iwa (Means earth)
    ---Special Title: Triple Threat Earth
    Gender: Male
    Visual Age: 18-21
    Actual Age: 21

    Aitou is man with many faces, but it depends on which Aitou you meet. Will you meet the gang member, the Triple threat of Earth? Or will you meet the sporting man that is the pro bender who has the nick name Iwa. This answer is determined upon which circumstance you meet him, and if you manage to catch him on a good day. The latter days are when you wish to flee, be assured.

    On a good day, when you meet the fun loving and charismatic individual, a famous pro bender from the Red Panda's team, though before this team he had actual been a stand in for some even more legendary teams. Catching him on the street, and he will always have a serious expression on his face. Actually strike up a conversation with the guy, and you would swear you two were best friends.

    Sadly, the serious expressions on his face sometimes turn to brooding, in which case his head is low, and that is the tell tale sign to back off. This means he has business, or business has failed, and therefore he will snap on anyone, and will not be afraid to show you a piece of his mind, or a piece of the earth.

    When you catch him in his leather, more gothic appeal, which hides his tattoo, and his hair is different, he is nothing like his normal self, be it personality or appearance. This helps keep his identity a secret. In those mode he is cruel, taciturn, business like, and out ride malicious. He hates being like this, though he often has a sick and sadistic smile on his face, showing his facade is the next best thing to a true identity. Even in this mode though, he does not harm the cripple, and will often chastise other gang members who try to go for the crippled and elderly, something that has earned him some respect even in the gang world.

    Aitou has his eye set out on one very special girl, Thalia, his Triple Threat of Fire partner. He has yet to admit his feelings, and that is because he is unsure. What is love, does he deserve it, and does she feel it. these are all things that swirl in his mind. A confused individual who tends to hide his heart in shadows, avoiding the chance to leave more scars. Being raised by the gang, no parents since birth, was enough to scar anyone mentally.

    In General, he is a bender, so he does appose Amon's forces and his rule. It is also a turn thing, equalists tended to get caught up in the business of the Triple threats. Even though Aitou became a pro bender to make money so he would not have to do the crime, he still had to keep up his rep as if he did do the crime that he was notorious for. As for Korra and the United Forces, he could give a rat's ass about them, they never did him any favors, nor was he likely to ever meet or get involved with them, so it doesn't matter.

    Pro Bender Get Up:
    Aitou  Anime-pics-anime-guys-6478884-240-320_zps41a9f207

    Aitou, when in his normal/Pro bender set up, Has a very athletic, lean, and toned body. He stands at six foot in height. He has a tattoo on his chest, from the clan house of Dragomir, which is now extinct aside from him. He has the eyes of the fire benders, the burning colors of flame with a fiery stare to boot. The abnormal thing is his unnaturally pale skin tone, rare for a fire bender, which often makes him look as if he spends to much time in a basement.

    His hair on the other hand, something many ladies loved, was dark and thick. He kept it spiked to the left, with a middle part on the right side of his head, which then spiked some hair down. If he looks down in the right angle, his hair cast;s a complete shadow across his face, covering every detail, which makes him look sinister. Though his white teeth always tends to stand out, even in the shadow, especially his pronounced fangs..

    If Aitou decides to wear a shirt, he wears a simple white, body tight, tank top on his torso. His pants consist of a faded black pair of denim pants that are only slightly roomy, giving him full mobility. Around his waste can be seen a midnight black leather belt. For his feet, besides white cotton socks that can not be seen, he wears a black pair of military grade combat boots go up to his shit, with the pants going over it.

    Tripple Threat Outfit:
    Aitou  ZerochanWandOfFortuneII206343_zpse2b16298

    When he is set up with the triple threats, the only thing in common with his normal appearance are his eye color, hair color, and his teeth. Everything else changes. For starters, his hair is all spiked down now, primarily to the right, the opposite direction of normal, except where a part on the left was. This way his hair style was the exact opposite, less noticeable.

    To start on his torso, he wears a dark brown sleeveless suede shirt. Potruding from that was something that looked like a crest, bust was just a leather decoration. This decoration had a strap that attached to the shirts collar, giving a bondage sort of appearance to him. On his arms he wore ornate, leather, fingerless gloves that extended past his elbows. The design made them almost look like armor.

    Aitou wore a pair of dark pants, made of an unknown material, but looked like leather, without the constraining aspect. These tucked into a pair of shin high boots that were made of a sturdy material that seemed almost as tough as his military grade combat boots. These boots were flat bottomed though, not meant for terrain outside of the city.

    finally, to top off his appearance, Aitou will wear a midnight black, sleeveless trench coat. There are miscellaneous buckles and claps on there, for it could have been closed at one point in time, and still could of if he really wanted, but he never does. He always leaves the collar popped up on this trench coat to finish off his dark appearance.

    Character Information
    Bender: Yes
    --Element: Earth
    Affinity: Earth-water
    Class: Middle
    Career: Gang Member/Pro Bender
    Birth: Summer
    Loyalty: Triple Threat Triad
    Place of Birth: Unknown
    Residence: Republic City


    Strength: Average
    Speed: Average
    Stamina: Average
    Chi: Average
    Intelligence: Average

    Weapon Type:
    Weapon Appearance:
    Weapon Abilities:

    Character Background
    History: Aitou was not born in a specific area, at least, none that was labeled as a location worthy of note. Aitou was a baby born on the run from the extinct Noble house of Dragomir, his mother being the last member before him, and she died giving birth while trying to outrun those who slayed the rest of the house. The baby was given birth to on the side of the road.

    What a chance though, an odd, and lesser of two evils chance, but the baby was found by a gang member in the Triple Threats. This man, a man whose name and face is forgotten by this young baby, was taken to be raised by these gang members. The only thing from his mothers person that was kept was the blanket she was carrying with her, in case she did give birth on the run, and it was a small blanket with the Dragomir clan crest on it.

    The boy, named Aitou by the man who found him, raised the boy to lie, cheat, steal, fight, bend, and concur, though the lost Noble was born with a heart of gold, and never liked the training. From the time he could walk, he was taught to bend, taught to survive, and taught to become a grand member of the Tripple Threat Triad when he was older. Though events would change, and that is what would make the story interesting.

    At age six, Aitou was moved to a different hideout, one directly in Republic City. The forgotten man no longer apart of his life, and traveling to the main hideout, with what few meager possesions he had, the blanket he was wrapped in at birth, the clothes on his back, and his curiosities.

    This was the age that Aitou had met Thalia, a girl not far different in age then him, though she had a differnet reason for being in front of the large scary big boss man. Aitou was there to meet the man in charge, while Thalia was being scolded for running around the city, at least that was what it seemed like. That put a smile on the boys face. Maybe coming here would be the best chance he had at life yet.

    Sometime, roughly around the age of thirteen, was when Aitou figured out what the symbol on the blanket meant. It was a clan crest of the Noble House Dragomir. Aitou had the crest tattooed on his chest, and held this secret with him. One day, he would dive further into this mystery, and find out what happened to his family, and how he ended up here.

    Through childhood angst, to training sessions, Thalia and Aitou grew close. Well into their late teens, the two were paired together with a water bender, though one they had never met before, for the next Triple Threat Triad team of three. This is when Aitou and Thalia formed a plan though, to work together to rid themselves of having to do all the gang affiliated activity. The two joined a pro bending team to make the money they were supposed to get from gang work.

    The third water bender, Ralph, was a few years older than them, and had not a friendly bone in his body. He was perfectly okay with having Thalia and Aitou do all the work, so he easily was fooled into how the two made the money. Only on rare occasions did the three have to work together on something, and that was when they regrettably did have to do gang crimes. But for the most part, the two were free to pro bend, make money, and live in the closest thing there was to light in the crime world.

    The Pro Bending Team was the Red Panda's, started by Renayu, a Northern Water tribe water bender living in Republic city. Her motives were unclear to the duo, and that was fine. They had a friendly relationship, and no one dug into each other's personal matters, and that was just how Thalia and Aitou liked it. The two do have one other dream though, and that is to make enough money to buy their. freedom, to become their own people, and to no longer live in the shadows of society.

    Code of Approval: Red Panda's of Death shall plague your nightmares...or snuggle you!

    RP Sample: Once upon a time I modded this stupid profile named Sakura. I tried so hard not to get cancer as I modded this atrocity of a character. As I proceeded to mod it, all I did was shred into this thing like a catholic priest does to an unsuspecting altar boy. I made sure this person would understand that no troll would be tolerated...nor would stupidity of this caliber. I mean, it was bad...Place of birth said Konohagakure.

    Since that day I have been known as the most strict moderator this site has ever seen, and that is also what helped me become the co owner of this site. Because I don't care if I rustle the jimmies. I even met my beloved girlfriend here, and one day she will be my in reality wife. But enough about me. This is supposed to be a Korra related RP sample. I thought about how I have 3 other characters with samples and how Alt's don't need them, so, I decided to recap this instead.

    I am Korra/Terran/Zen

    FACE-CLAIMRandom anime pics. One of them was tweaked by Lily.
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    Aitou  Empty Re: Aitou

    Post by Thalia on Fri Jan 18, 2013 2:00 am

    I approve it. Mostly cause I love you, but also because I've read it like 6 times and never found anything to fix in it.

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