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Welcome to Republic City: Threads of Fate! We are back and ready to Role Play! Please invite your friends to help make this place active again!

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    Attributes Guideline

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    Attributes Guideline

    Post by Din on Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:22 pm

    Strength: The strength of your basic physical attacks.
    Speed: The speed in which you react and how fast you move.
    Stamina: How long you last in battle, how you take attacks.
    Chi: Control over your bending.
    Intelligence: How well you learn new abilities.
     Statistic:Requisite ElementPoorBelow AverageAverageAbove AverageExcellentPerfect
     Strength EarthWeakened human state you cant lift much only around 50lbsA little better than before. Your able to lift and throw around an object that your weight.Enough to sustain a hit from someone Above average and below. Your hits deal decent damageYour hits deal good damage. You can take a lot of hits from those below your strength.Physique is like that of King Bumi. Your hits are devastating to those that are Average and lower. Above average still put up a fight.Strength is at it's peak. Your hits are bone crushing. You can lift objects much heavier than yourself around 3x your weight.
     Speed: WaterNormal human running speed.You can outrun people of poor speed. You evade Average attacks with little time.Not only do you run faster but your physical attacks are faster.Someone of Below Average and lower cannot keep up with you.Your physical attacks are fast and those of lower speeds (-Average) can barely keep up.The speed of Ty lee or Azula. Reaction time is very little for Above Average and below.
     Stamina:   FireYour weak you don't last very long in a fight.You can shrug off an attack one level below you and take a hit from a level above.You can shrug off attacks from Below average.. You put up a good fight vs an Above.You prove to be a match in a fight against an Excellent level. You can a decent amount of hits.Above average deal half damage. Average and below deal little damage.You can last an entire battle and fatigue would not be much of a problem. Excellent deal decent damage but other levels deal little damage.
     Chi:    AirControl when one first discovers their bending. Nearly no control.Katara when she first discovered Aang. Had decent control over her bending.The amount of control a firebending soldier has.The type of control Toph had in the underground tournaments. Proving to be very in tune.The amount of control Aang or Azula has. Being able to do near impossible feats (i.e Flight, Rock Armor).King Bumi's control when he escaped during the invasion. The level of control Avatar state has being 100% in tune with it's Chi.
     Intelligence     ?Everything is shaky. Your just learning the basics of said ability.You have the basics down and can perform them with little to no trouble.Adept in abilities. Abilities can be easily perform with no trouble.. You know more about the human structure.Learning an ability is like second nature.Your intelligence makes for fluent styles of fighting in your element. You have Mastered your bending style (the style not the control of your Chi).Your intelligence is on par with that of the late general Iroh perfecting your styles.

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