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    Post by Zen on Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:20 pm

    Basic Information
    Name: Zen
    --Nickname: Commander
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Personality: Zen has two different personalities, one when in uniform, and one when not. While in his Uniform, he is the highest commanding officer in the United Forces. He is a commander of what used to be Bummi's battalion, he is also the commander and cheif, meaning their is no one higher in the military then he. As such, he stays in Republic City most of the time, working to protect the president and the United Republic of Nations with his legion. He often appears to be bold, taciturn, and stern monotonous soul. HE shows no emotion and will deliver orders with no chance of mutiny or back talk.

    When he is not in uniform however, Zen is a charismatic guy, often sarcastic. He is not afraid to speak his mind, though he does not go out of his way to talk either. He likes to set things up and watch his plans unfold, though he will jump into the fray in a heart beat. Weather or not Zen is in uniform, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He has the love of his life, so he does not flirt, though when he was single he had a very endearing charm that would make any women as hot as the white flames he can bend.

    To top it all off, Zen is an avid supporter of the Avatar, more so than even the united nations. Zen had met avatar Aang when he was a child, and as such has carried that moment with him all his life, knowing that he has met two avatars. He also knows that Korra, being younger, thinks with her heart and politicians think with their own benefit first. Zen also handles adversity well, being as young as he is and having such large authority inherited to him through Bumi and other connections, he knows how to keep a level head and not act rash, no matter how much he would rather just burn them to a little itty bitty crisp.

    Zen - Sealing_Hollow_Bastion%27s_Keyhole_02_KH

    Zen has medium length dark hair that his spiked out in the front, and down flowing in the back. His amber eyes are typical fire nation, and he usually has a bold and taciturn expression on his face, especially when he is in his United Nations uniform. The Red uniform his that of all high ranking officers, loaded with medals and badges of honor. With this he sometimes wears a pair of black fingerless gloves, as well as black military combat boots that are flame retardant.

    When not on duty, he has one of two different types of outfits. His formal ware, which is a black version of the red  military uniform. He has lately been wearing this over his normal uniform when even on duty, though this is because he much prefers black to red. This suit is also specially designed, unlike his normal one, to resist the effects of his emerald flames.

    Then he has his more common clothes. This consists of a loos muscle shirt that is black, with white shoulder cuffs. His pants are dark denim ones, that have three black belts around the one leg, and three belts around his waste that have a wolf belt buckle. He still wears the military boots at all times though.

    His in general appearance shows him to be a taller man, around five foot eleven, and a leaner, athletic build, sporting around one hundred and fifty pounds. His skin tone his flawless, as well as on the lightly tan side, always warm to the touch. He defined muscle structure has always made him one of the better looking of the ,ale gender.

    Character Information
    Bender: Yes
    --Element: Fire
    Class: Rich
    Career: Commander of United Forces
    Loyalty: The United Forces (Avatar)
    Place of Birth: Fire Nation Capitol
    Residence: Republic City

    Strength: Excellent
    Speed: Excellent
    Stamina: Excellent
    Chi: Perfect
    Intelligence: Perfect

    Character Background
    History: Zen's life was both a blessing and a curse from birth. He was born a fire bending prodigy and was the top student, graduating classes by the age of twelve, and apprenticing in the United Forces immediately afterward. Zen was groomed to be the perfect child, never spoke out of line, a proud noble child to a proud noble family. This was his life until he was 18 and able to be a soldier. He swept through the ranks and by the time he was 20 years old, he was a Commanding Brigadier general, a rank equal to that of General Iroh. Zen moved on to become the Right hand man of Bumi, and upon Bumi's retirement, Zen would become the commander and cheif of the entire United Forces Military.

    At 21, Zen's sister Din ran away. He tried hard to find her, but one can not simply walk away from the UF and do as they please. This was also the time when Amon and the equalists popped up. Zen had little involvement as at this time he was not stationed in Republic City, and did not arrive until after Amon's take over. At this time, he had found Din and also saw she had her bending removed. Zen, little had anyone known, was being oppressed by dark energies and could bend cold emerald fires. He cornered Dina and forced her to come home.

    As the Bumi retired and the water tribe civil war took place, Zen sat on the side lines. He had met a girl named Lily, helped her become the worlds lead in information gather and brooking, and connected the information of the entire world together. Zen, now the head of the Military and his Girl, the Lead of all in intelligence in the world both Criminal and political, their was nothing that could get in their way, right? Life is never that simple, especially in the world of avatars and politics.

    Unavatu struck, the Avatar one, and spirits were purified, releasing Zen from his oppression and returning him to normal. How ever he was still able to manipulate the emerald flames, a dark gift that every time he uses it reminds him of his old self and how easily one can lose their heart to darkness. Now he had worse problems, airbenders were popping up, and he was swamped with more paper work that he thought of taking up part time police work just to see some action, especially since his fleet was permanently station at Republic City to defend the president and the core center of the United Republic of Nations.

    Code of Approval: I will follow the rules or be equalized.

    RP Sample: Available upon request from a site owner...I'm a site owner...So, I'm good.

    Source: ~Terran ~ Korra ~ Roxas

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