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    Shin Mamoru (Katana)

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    Shin Mamoru (Katana)

    Post by Eiji on Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:22 am

    Name: Shin Mamoru (Japanese: True Protector)
    Type: Kogarasu Katana (Double-edged Tip)
    Weight: Heavy
    Forged by Sanjuro Fei from tamahagane steel crafted from a fragment meteorite iron found by her family almost a hundred years ago, this blade has taken on a distinctly black hue. Similar in nature to the “Space Sword.” used by the late councilman Sokka during the last days of the Hundred Year war. This effect has been further enhanced via the use of a passivization process known as Bluing, a procedure in which the metal of the weapon is specially treated to resist rust and corrosion over time. The end result is a finely honed blade with a reach of 73cm (28.5 in), toned to almost an almost black, and polished to an almost mirror-like sheen. Making it capable of reflecting the ambient light beautifully when held in the hands of its master.

    The tsuka (hilt) and saya (sheath) are carved from a single branch of lignum vitae, or pockenholz, a wood from the ironwood family and reputed to be five times as strong as the sturdiest oak. Yet in spite of that it still retains a lightness and flexibility to be envied by lesser materials. The use of this wood allows the two components to be used in combat with a reduced risk of being damaged with the single strike of a blade. The material has been treated lacquer in order to take on a deep red hue, an ornate lotus inspired floral pattern having been inscribed on it as well in an effort to add an artistic flair to the piece. A single hole has been drilled into the center of the tsuka, allowing a thin length of spun silk cord to be run through the material and woven into an intricate cross-like pattern before ending in a simple pair of tassels. This feature is taken from an idea first introduced on the dao and jian, and adds to the weapon’s unique appearance. As a finishing touch, the steel of the tsuba guard has been carved into a sigil unique to Eiji, one which blends the symbol of the White Lotus with that of the White Moon clan. This is to identify the weapon as his, and show him that while he may be on a new path, he is and always will be welcome at his original home with the Order.


    Crafted from a 17 fold tamahagane of meteoric iron, which was heated with the power of white flame and cooled in the sacred water of the local shrine at Shikeiro, the Shin Mamoru is a blade of exceptional quality and one which is as free from impurities as mortal man can achieve. This makes it very difficult to metalbend, although unlike platinum, it's not impossible. This of course is due to the heat of the forges and the folding process traditionally used on a katana, as the goal of any tamahagane is to make the material as pure as possible in order to strengthen the available metal. Like the “Space Sword” before it, the blade has superior durability, and a keenness which enables it to cut through various metals with little to moderate effort. At its trial the sword was even reputed to be able to cut through a foot of solid steel with a single stroke.

    Due to the difference in hilt materials from its predecessor, the Shin Mamoru suffers from somewhat reduced conductivity when used in conjunction with Eiji’s modified shock gauntlet. This is because wood is traditionally an insulator and thus prevents the flow of electricity. However, this issue can be partially overcome by gripping the hilt at a higher point near the guard, thus channeling a portion of the current through that and into the blade proper for a reduced effect compared to the Equalist kali stick. Aside from that special note, it has the majority of the standard weaknesses commonly associated with a sword, and the katana in particular.

    While there is absolutely no way to confirm this, it was hoped that quenching of the blade in sacred water would in some way confer upon the wielder some small amount of protection from the region’s patron spirit. Rumor around the village in which the weapon was forged says that those with a very high synchronicity with the spirit world can actually feel the blade humming slightly with their guardian’s power, but the only person to actually wield the blade other than Eiji has refused to comment on this as she doesn’t want to jinx the bond if it does exist. The only unusual attribute which can possibly be attributed to this process, if only because no one can think of a better explanation for it, is that the blade seems to make a higher pitched sound than a normal sword when sweeping through the air. Some would almost say a sound that was musical in quality.


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    Re: Shin Mamoru (Katana)

    Post by Roxas Durjaya on Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:33 am

    Approved...also your wrist needle launcher and your Ronin style Equalist glove will be re approved as well...sorry about that I got to click happy when I was clearing weapons >.>

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