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    Equalist Gauntlet, Eiji Custom

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    Equalist Gauntlet, Eiji Custom

    Post by Eiji on Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:41 am

    Name: Equalist Gauntlet, Ronin Custom
    Type: Melee Stunner
    Weight: Heavy

    Based upon one of the stun gauntlets Eiji has confiscated from the Equalists, this device is portable weapon in the shape of a glove that releases a powerful electrical shock capable of rendering a target unconscious. Like its mass production counterpart, it is a lightweight and portable electroshock weapon that releases a powerful electrical shock capable of rendering most individuals unconscious. The glove works in a similar way to a modern-day taser, utilizing a powerful electrical shock to incapacitate a target and can be used from up close or at a short distance via an electrical burst. 

    While primarily made of metal, this particular unit has been stripped down somewhat, transforming it into more of a bracer type design instead of the traditional gauntlet. The interior has been insulated with a thin layering of leather and rubber in order to protect the wearer from inadvertant backlash from the trimmed down design, and this can be augmented via the use of a rubber glove should the wearer feel its necessary. As with the regular design, it is powered by an energy source attached to the surface of the gauntlet, with two wires running down to the palm of the glove. Directly into a circular segment where the electrical current is released. While these changes prevent the user from delivering the traditional electrified punches the Equalists are known for, it does allow the wearer to maintain the manual dexterity required to utilize their chi blocking abilities while using the weapon. Which isn't so much of a loss when you realize that open palm strikes work just as well when electrified.


    • Somewhat more fragile then the normal Equalist gauntlet due to "hot-rodding"

    • Limited charges (Same as normal gauntlet)

    • Chance of backfiring on the user if used incorrectly without the protective glove, or if glove is breached


    • Can be used to electrify conductive weapons and surfaces for additional damage or range (Same as normal gauntlet)

    • Less likely to be recognized as an Equalist weapon due to modifications


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    Re: Equalist Gauntlet, Eiji Custom

    Post by Sage Lockheart on Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:57 am

    Approved. ^.^


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