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    Roxas Durjaya

    Roxas Durjaya
    Roxas Durjaya
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    Roxas Durjaya

    Post by Roxas Durjaya on Sun Jul 06, 2014 12:09 am

    Basic Information
    Name: Roxas Durjaya
    --Nickname: Jay - When he doesn't want you to know his real name.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Personality:  Roxas is a man who is very straight forward, never hiding how he feels, and sometimes speaking more than he should. He has been called an ass for such behavior, but alas he would rather be an ass then a weak little pansy who has people walk all over him. Bold and abrasive are only the sprinkles for the real nature. Courage and power would be the defining traits, a guardian, a man of true valor. His protection stems to anyone that deserves it, weather they need it or not is a different question.

    Roxas however prefers to keep his own personal life out of the reach of the common folks who prance in and out of his life. To those that do not need to know his business, he is shallow, often not even revealing his own true name. He knows that trust and honesty are the rarest commodities, and he will not be the person to give it first. History is filled with such mistakes. His arrogant, untrusting, and yet stoically courageous persona stems to people of both genders as well as to both benders and non benders. People are people, and it is people you can not trust.

    Should you be on the good side of Roxas, not only is it just safer but that means that you have a permanent ally and a warrior at that. Roxas is not afraid to fight and he has a rather short temper when it comes to, well, anything. The worst mistake you can do is make any form of a motion towards the love of his life, Sage Lockheart. Due to this said relationship, Roxas is not flirtatious, but has a severe distaste for women abuse. So, the second worse thing you can do is challenge his traditional values and try and do any form of harm to a female in the vicinity. However, he also knows that a women scorn is the worst assault possible, and sometimes women like Azula do not all women are safe from fights around him.

    When it comes down to his hobbies and interests, that one is easy. He is a lover of cooking, a lover of fighting, and he is a lover of the moon. Being outside at night is the greatest thing to him, aside from being with Sage of course. Cooking is his past time, he loves being able to out cook anyone, but more so creating unique dishes that tantalize the taste buds. Fighting, as most manly men love, has become a passion based on necessity. Even in the modern world, fighting still becomes a basic instinct and need for survival. Roxas also likes collecting weapons.

    All in all Roxas is a man of good standing caliber, a high moral compass, and a will that transcends the boundaries of either the physical or spirit worlds. Unaffected by the Equalists or the direct assault of Unavatu, Moving to Republic City is the next great adventure for the Life of Roxas and his lover. He has no fear, only excitement for the next chapter of his life. He has always wanted to be where all the action was, and now he is about to get his dream, his wish, his goal, and now his new life. It is time...for change.


    Roxas has eyes that show no bending heritage, for he has brown eyes. His skin is like that of an islander, a natural slight tan that never seems to fade. His hair is a medium length sandy blond that blows around easily in the wind, but always goes back to the same ruffled look without a hair out of place. His physique is chiseled and muscled to perfection, causing the ladies to swoon and the men to fear. He always has that cocky smile on, daring any challenge to come forth, but also inspiring confidence and safety at the same time.

    On his torso Roxas wheres a rather formal looking vest, white, with leather stitching on the sides. This vest, with a neck collar that folds down, tightly closes over a black tank top that can only really be seen at the bottom of the vest where it sticks out. Around his neck, and covering over his chest, is a hand stitched ascot that he gathered on one of his trips to the fire nation before he had moved there. Around his left wrist is a simple leather bracelet, and over his right arm is a studded leather gauntlet that covers his hand and reaches all the way up to his bicep. On that same bicep is the only thing about him that betrays him to be from the Water tribe, and that is the tattoo of the Southern Water Tribe symbol.

    Arround his waist, Roxas has two belts. The First belt, made of a fine tanned hide, is the belt that is actually used to keep his pants up. The second belt is a loose latched belt that holds the sheath to his sword, which he has yet to be named. The sword itself was not always as bad ass as it is now, it took the work of a few fine blacksmiths and inventors to become the glorious saber it is today. His pants themselves are baggy, khaki, cargo pants that have studs going down the sides. They are lose for comfort, fire retardant for fighting which also makes them hard to get soaking wet, but they also allow for quick maneuverability. His shoes of choice are a typical pair of sandals, only crafted to have metal bottoms. These sandals then support a metal covering for upper foot protection, though there is a gap to leave the toes exposed.    

    Character Information
    Bender: Yes
    --Element: Water
    Class: Undefined
    Career: Guardsman
    Loyalty: The Avatar
    Place of Birth: Born in Omashu, raised in Southern Water Tribe.
    Residence: Republic City - Air Temple Island


    Strength: Excellent
    Speed: Above average
    Stamina: Average
    Chi:  Average
    Intelligence: Average

    Weapon Type: Sword
    Weapon Appearance: In Character Pic
    Weapon Abilities: Platinum weapon - cant be metal bended. Guard is fireproof, as a shield.

    Character Background


    Roxas was born in Omashu, while his parents were visiting family. Though his place of birth is officially the Earth Kingdom, his parents returned home to the Southern Water Tribe a few days after his birth, cutting the family vacation short. His father was from the Earth Kingdom, and his mother a native Southern Water Tribe healer. His father had been a merchant and settled down and opened up shop after the fateful day he delivered an order of medical supplies. It was a fitting relationship. They made each other happy, his mother to this day receives the best medicinal supplies for the cheapest rates, and his father travels from time to time and makes a rather nice living as a merchant for all manners of items.

    From the get go Roxas never fit in. As a water bender he had a physique unlike any other. Bending was not always easy for him either, and his parents worried he would not be able to become a capable bender. His dad was an earth bender so he could only offer so much help, and his mother was an excellent healer, but only a novice at anything else. Eventually Roxas caught on, a relief to his parents, but not to himself. He felt that bending would only get him so far. The boy wanted something else in case water was not around, he wanted a weapon, he wanted a sword.

    For his birthday Roxas was given just that, a sword. His parents figured that since he was already a water bender, he could not get in any more trouble with a sword. Roxas was thrilled with his present, but secretly he was also saddened. He wanted a sword that was special, unique, and never before have the likes been seen. He became his goal to gather the coin that was needed, as well as find the workers, and to get the weapon of his dreams.

    As Roxas grew, so did his prowess in bending, as well as his swordsmanship. He only had odd jobs and guard duties, but jobs were jobs. At the age of Sixteen is when he finally could afford the first augmentation to his weapon. He told his parents he was going to a fire nation festival, and that he would be back in two weeks. Truth be told, he would not becoming back for almost a year. He hopped on the first boat out of the Southern water tribe, and within a few hours he was attacked by sea fairing fire bending pirates.

    To the surprise of Roxas, he was one of the few water benders on board the defenseless vessel, and went sword to sword with the pirates, and attempted to water bend the fires away. They managed to beat back the thieves, though Roxas was now without pants. Embarrassed a bit, but he took his pants less heroism with a smile. A kindly old couple offered him fire retardant materials that they were off to sell as thanks for his help. To this day, Roxas will only dawn fire retardant pants. They breath nicely too.

    Sadly, this was not the end of his hellish voyage. Shortly before they were at the port, the skies darkened, the seas roared and thunder howled from the heavens. A storm that was as old and primal as the beast that attacked their boat! The mighty Cthkrackthan! (Cthulu - kracken - leviathan)  Roxas had no idea such a child hood story creature was real, and now he was faced to face with a 60 meter high monster from the deep! It bellowed loudly and sent waves three hundred feet high to capsize the boat! As people screamed and cried out in horror, Roxas and his special pants tried to use water bending to swim away, but it was no use! The creature sucked up what seemed like a village sized portion of water, Roxas and other passengers included, and then spat miles into the open sea! When Roxas awoke next, he was alone on an island with only his pants and his sword.

    Now he was faced with extreme measures to say the least. For one, he had no idea where he was. For two, he had no idea where to go. Three, how did he lose everything except pants? It took him over a month on this Tropical island paradise to build a raft, and also decide to leave. The vacation was nice, but he was sick of living of coconuts and bananas. He road his rag tag raft to the first island he could find, which was almost two weeks of voyaging, and he was even more lost. He found himself on Kyoshi island, and rather then being thankful, all he could wonder was why the hell he was so far away from where he wanted to be. When asked to recap his story, he was laughed at, and when offered another boat ride he refused. Instead, he found someone with a plan to take him to the main land.

    Eventually he got to the Fire nation after hopping from village to village, plane rides to the fire nation, and then he got the first part of his sword augmented. He got the platinum blade, a weapon that could not be metal bent from him, and an edge that would never dull. He made his way back home, was laughed at once again, and his parents branded him a liar and a charlatan, but still welcomed him home. He still had nightmares about this creature.

    The boy grew up, made his mistakes and lived his life, up until he was twenty two years old. He still had his special pants, and needed to go back to the fire nation, this time to get the final piece of his sword done, the magical hilt! Okay, not really magical...sadly... This hilt was a double shield and fire proof guard, he was sure that he would never be beat to the punch, or in this case flame, by fire benders ever again. This time he took a boat, only he paid the extra boat load of yuon to take a luxury cruise liner WITH insurance... He would not make the same mistake twice.

    Once he arrived in the fire nation, he found the weapon smith, dropped off his sword, and now was bored. He looked down at the weapon's sheath he still had strapped to his side, it was custom made by a leather worker from the Northern water tribe. He poured water inside, not because he was a special child, but this way he had at least some form of protection on him. He first stopped at a tattoo parlor and got the southern water tribe symbol tattooed on him, then he went for a walk. As he was walking, a girl ran straight into him. He smiled and was about to say something, when three thugs came around the corner. He looked at them, then back at her, and the smile on his face turned into one of disgust. He stepped forward, and the three began to laugh and taunt him...big mistake.

    Roxas shot his hand forward, launching the water in his sheath at their mouths and froze the water, this would stop their cackling laughter. He then spun and shot out his other arm, sending the rest of his water as shards of ice past their clothing, tearing it to shreds without harming them and now they were naked. Even with their mouths frozen a slight scream could be heard. Finally Roxas slammed his foot on the ground and made a pushing motion, and the heads of all three thugs slammed into the wall behind them. Why did they not think to run? They knew he was a water bender by now and they had water on their faces...some people are to stupid to breathe, damn.

    The girl he had just saved was Sage, and she had taken him to get a refill on water. They started to talk and began to meet up everyday until his weapon had finished. By this time she was 18, and they were inseparable. Though they were in love, they had to part ways for now, and he would return once a month to meet her until he could no longer stand it and he moved to the Fire Nation. Sage had left her home as well, and they lived together, still in the Fire Nation. Roxas would write home from time to time, but he was a big boy, his parents knew that. He could take care of himself, and Sage.

    Two years have passed, and Avatar Korra was always on the radio. From Amon to Harmonic Convergence, that is all they ever heard. Back in reality, Roxas was doing what he could to pay the bills, Sage would practice her crazy ancient side show dads acrobatic moves, and life would go on. A rut they were in was an understatement. Though, when Sage magically air bended and explained that she had an airbending cousin, and the news of airbenders all over were popping up, Roxas said "Fuck this shit hole, its time for excitement! He quit his job, kicked his boss in the groin for being and under paying douche, and grabbed his special pants.

    Now here they were, Sage and Roxas, off to the big city to meet the people who were born air benders. Roxas had only one hope, and that was that Cthkrackthan dint attack them on their way there.

    Code of Approval: I am a slave to the United Forces and will be punished by Zen if I do not follow the rules.

    RP Sample:

    Look at the...4 other characters I have? I'm sure one of those have one that is appropriate. Oh oh oh! Look at the thread I'm in...or the history of this character! YES! It it better written then most of the other characters and threads that used to be on the site anyway >.>

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    Roxas Durjaya
    Roxas Durjaya
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    Re: Roxas Durjaya

    Post by Roxas Durjaya on Sun Jul 06, 2014 12:10 am

    Payment for Weapon and increased stats will be deducted from the Yuon I have from one of my other characters.

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    Re: Roxas Durjaya

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    Approved ^,^


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