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    Basic Information
    Name: Sage Lockheart
    --Nickname: N/a
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Personality: It’s rare to ever find Sage by herself. She usually is attached to Roxas’ hip, or at least pretty close by him. However, when she is by herself she can be rather flirty without realizing it. Mostly she is just trying to be nice, but from the way she dresses men tend to get the wrong idea. She doesn’t fear anything though because she’d like to see someone try anything with Roxas around. Her main side is just being kind to people. At first, she’d rather shy and a wall flower, but it doesn’t take long for her to open up to people. However, she tends to open her mouth without thinking, and not shutting up at times. Perhaps it’s from being quiet from when she was young, but this tends to get her into a bit of trouble. When it’s just her and Roxas, is when she is a lot more open and comfortable. She doesn’t stay in her shell and that is when she opens her mouth. She likes to make jokes and laugh, but mostly she just likes his company.

    She can also be a little hard headed and stubborn, except when it comes to making choices. Only then is she rather indecisive, and can’t make up her mind. She always wants to make everyone happy, so she tries to let them choose over herself every time. Sage also will try her hardest not to lose her temper. She will not snap unless you really push her, but when she does snap she will say things she doesn’t mean. She also doesn’t hold grudges unless you really repeatedly piss her off. Sage can also be fiercely loyal. If you get on her good side and don’t screw her over, she will be a friend you can count on. Also, despite not being in fair standing with some of them, she does extend that loyalty to her family.

    Around her family, Sage is rather quiet. She tries to stay away and out of the way. Her brother is a terrible terror in her life, and she hates him completely. Her mother is a raving lunatic who is actually pretty conniving, and spoils her brother rotten while ignoring her, which is fine by her. Her father might be the only sane person in her immediate family. She loves him to death, and though she tries to stay away from them, if she ever does go see her family she mostly will stick close to her father, unless Roxas is around to back her.

    Sage has two fears that sometimes she can struggle with, depending on the situation. Her greatest fear in life would be to ever lose him. A more common fear she has is claustrophobia. She can’t stand being in closed spaces. She will freak out completely and break down.

    Sage’s life was pretty simple. She was used to being a non-bender and she was completely happy as such. She didn’t mind not having a connection to an element and was always glad she didn’t turn out to be a fire-bender. However, when Harmonic Convergence happened her life got flipped upside down, and she turned out to be an air-bender. She doesn’t really understand how to control the element, and is still searching for some answers as to why this happened. She can’t help but to worry and be a little excited about her new bending abilities, but it wasn’t like she asked for this to happen to her. She isn’t completely sure how she wants to handle what is happening to her, but she is sure that she will cope, and she knows that Roxas will support her.

    Living with Roxas and meeting him had always been an adventure. Sage loves the adventure that he brings to her life, and she loves exploring and doing new things. The two of them always tend to get into some sort of trouble, and more than half the time the fault would fall on Sage and something she did or said. Whether Roxas minded or not though she can never tell because to her he always seems to enjoy what they do even if it means danger or trouble. Sage who is more open around Roxas actually finds that she enjoys the freedom and the exploration, and even the danger has a certain thrill to her. However, she never lets things go too far, and would never do anything to let things go too far either. She knows her own limits, and if things get out of hand she’s quick to drop it and walk away.

    When it comes to fighting, Sage isn’t much of a fighter. Her hand to hand combat was how she could fight if she had to, and with the help of Roxas she was even learning self-defense against benders. He taught her different styles she could use, and even how his own water-bending moves could be used to fight without the water. She enjoyed the lessons and found it simple to even incorporate the acrobatics her father had taught her into her fighting. Mostly she likes to think of herself as a lover and not a fighter, but if it ever came down it, she is not all bark and no bite, and she will stick true to her words.

    Sage Lockheart Magician_zps6650ff9b
    Sage Lockheart Sage2_zpse42041d6
    Sage is average for her age, standing at 5’7’’. As for her weight, she’s a bit on the skinny side, but still manages an average weight for her weight, weighing 130 pounds. She has a rather athletic appearance being trained in the acrobatic skills of her family. Her physical appearance can be tricky giving her the appearance of a fire-bender like her mother. Her hair is long and bright red. It’s straight for the most part, except at the bottom where it has a bit of a curl to it. The length is down to her mid back and it’s rather calm and tame for how thick it is. Her bangs on the other hand are a bit more unruly and require a bit of style. They curl to the left and hang across her forehead tucking behind her ear. Sage’s eyes on the other hand are less Fire Nation and more Water Tribe Air Nomad. Their color is an icy blue-grey and they tend to reflect things, be it emotion or what she’s looking at. Like clear pools. Her face itself is soft and young looking although she isn’t as young as she appears. Her lips are a pale pink, and she never wears any form of make-up at all.

    For clothing, Sage will mostly wear a white hooded dress. The material at first glance seems rather skimpy, but it’s actually made to look that way. It’s loose fitted and gives her the ability to move around. The dress is longer in the back than in the front, but the front goes down to almost her knees. The sleeves on the dress don’t exist and the only sleeve like thing there is would be the cuffs that grip her arms. The dress is plain except for the design on the hood which is simple and doesn’t really mean anything in particular. On her right arm she wears a long black fingerless glove that ties at the top. On her left wrist she wears a bracelet with blue gems in it. On her legs, Sage wears thigh high stockings that have a belt like clip on the side that keeps that up. They have a simple stripped design to them, and are also bearable enough to still be able to move around easily and do the stunts she learned. On her feet she usually will wear simple flat shoes that can keep a grip on her feet and hold through the acrobatics.

    After traveling to Air Temple Island, Sage picks up more of an air-bender appearance. However, she doesn’t particularly like to wear it apart from training. The clothing is rather simple. She wears a red tank top shirt that has a gold embroidered neck line. Her pants are simple blue combat pants and she tucks them into the brown combat boots that lace up to her knees. On her right arm she wears one bangle up by her shoulder, and the other two are on her wrist. On her left arm she also keeps a bangle on her wrist. Over the top of this she wears a shawl that covers her left arm, wraps around her waist, goes over her right elbow and clips on her right side. Supposedly she needs the part of an air-bender in order to train like one.

    Character Information
    Bender: Yes
    --Element: Air
    Class: Middle
    Career: None
    Loyalty: Avatar
    Place of Birth: Fire Nation
    Residence: Republic City

    Strength: Average
    Speed: Above Average
    Stamina: Average
    Chi: Average
    Intelligence: Above Average

    Weapon Type: (Katana, staff, etc.)
    Weapon Appearance:
    Weapon Abilities:

    Character Background
    History: Sage’s father is a rather quiet man. He was born into the family business which was a traveling side show as a performer. He was a simple man otherwise, and was a non-bender. However, while he did learn all he could from his own father, all the acrobatic tricks and stunts, he was never happy in that life. Growing up he did what he was supposed to, and he did enjoy what he and his family did, but there was always that nagging feeling that he was missing something. When her father was 18, they were preforming in the Fire Nation. After the show he was approached by Sage’s soon to be mother. The two of them got along from the beginning and they soon were going steady. However, the caravan was ready to leave, and Sage’s father knew he couldn’t leave the woman he’d met, so he opted to stay behind. Saying goodbye to his family, he started his new life in the Fire Nation.

    Sage’s mother was a fire-bender. She was a gorgeous woman who came from a middle class family. She found Sage’s father handsome and she greatly enjoyed his shows of acrobatic stunts. While she was a kind woman, she also had a rather short temper. The two of them made a great couple, and it wouldn’t be long before the two of them were expecting. It was the last days of the summer when the air was crisp and warm when Sage was born. Her mother had taken her father’s last name, and so did Sage Lockheart. When she was born her father had sent word to his family about his daughter. They promised that the next time they traveled to the Fire Nation, they would all meet up.

    Growing up, Sage was happy with her life. As a baby, she was a happy one. She didn’t cry much, and she always had a fascination with the clouds in the sky. She took on the appearance of a fire-bender with bright red hair, although her eyes were more of an icy blue and grey color. Due to her appearance, her mother had hopes that she would be a fire-bender like herself. However, she wouldn’t know until Sage was older. Sage wasn’t pampered or spoiled as a child, but she was loved. Her parents loved her very much, and they took care of her. She also loved watching and learning the acrobatic stunts that were passed down from her father’s father, to him, and now to her. The family traits that she took up easily.

    When Sage was four she didn’t show any signs of fire bending. Her mother wasn’t very happy about that, but despite mild disappointment she was patient. When Sage was five, her mother was pregnant again. Soon she would have a little brother or sister in her life. However, to more of her mother’s disappointment she still didn’t show any signs. When she turned six, the new brother was born, and while she still had no signs of being a bender, her mother was too busy with the new child to even notice. So Sage continued to learn from her father in the arts of acrobatics. She was starting to realize herself that she didn’t have a chance of learning bending, and she was just going to be a non-bender like her father. However, she was completely alright with that fact.
    When Sage was ten, she had completely accepted her non-bender life. She however did excel in the acrobatic arts, and got really good at hand to hand combat. She really enjoyed her time with her father, and often the two of them would sit there quietly and watch her mother fuss over the new baby. Now that he was four, he was being looked at by their mother, and to her joy and pleasure he was a fire-bender. Having bending, their father never taught him the same things that he taught Sage, however, it did seem that he had a lot more attention now that he could shoot fire like their mother. Even father seemed more interested in him than her, or anything else. Perhaps this was just the curse of being the older sibling, but her younger brother certainly did his job. She was constantly getting into trouble and she started to learn to just stay away. It was better if she kept out of the way, and quiet.

    Two years later, Sage was introduced to her father’s side of the family. At first, she was welcoming to them. She was the perfect daughter. After introductions were done however, she found it time to escape. She stole away from the noisy group of benders and non-benders alike. That was too much attention for her, having gotten used to her quiet lifestyle. It was during this time she really got to know her cousin Terran. It was an accident really, she was just trying to get away from the noise, and what she found was an air-bender. Terran had apparently been trying to get some practice in away from notice, but Sage had run into this practice session. At first he had tried to tell her that he was merely water bending, but with lack of much water around that wasn’t going to fly. In the end, he just told her the truth, so long as she made a promise to never tell anyone. She promised him, and for a time, the two of them got close. That being until everyone left.

    Sage continued to grow in the Fire Nation, her little brother becoming more of a pain in the ass as he grew up. It was probably from being spoiled by their mother, but the little boy was a terror, a complete terror. She honestly hated him, but could never show it, or say it. Their father just tried his best to keep the peace, and their mother was only interested in teaching her son everything there was to fire-bending. Sage on the other hand always bolted out the door every chance she got. She would do anything to get away from her terrible little brother, and overly crusting mother. This left the cities and towns around her home to be her escape and she even found a great place to just sit out and watch the sky. It was during one of these times that her entire life would change.

    It was only a couple of days until her 18th birthday. She was in town looking for a couple of groceries that they needed back at the house. It was at that point when the usual happened. Her clothing wasn’t exactly practical for going out into public, however it was comfortable. This always led to the usual hassle of the boys in town. Today they were particularly annoying, and there were three of them. Annoyed by their constant cat-calling, Sage sought escape from them. Rounding the corner, she ran into a man she would learn to be called Roxas. Literally ran into him. Getting help up, she apologized, until the three boys rounded the corner after her. He seemed to figure out what was going on by then, and dealt with the boys in a rather comical shoe.

    From the fight, Sage learned that Roxas was a water-bender, despite his not so tribe-ish appearance. She offered to show him to a place where he could get more bending water as a thanks to him, and in the end the two started to talk. From that day on, Sage sought out Roxas in the town. She showed him around, and met up with him every day. He was waiting for his weapon to be finished, so he didn’t have much else to do, and he seemed to enjoy her company as much as she enjoyed his. The two became fast friends, and during the time they spent together she turned 18, and discovered that he was only four years older than herself. By the time his weapon was finished, the two had a bond, and were in love with each other.

    Reluctantly, Roxas left to head back home, but it wasn’t long until he came back to the Fire Nation to visit her. The two of them continued this pattern for a little while until he eventually moved to be with her. She left her home with her terrible troublesome little brother, and her parents, and they moved in with each other after months of visiting and finally living there. Sage’s life became a whole lot more exciting and adventurous with Roxas around, and despite her being a non-bender, he never seemed to mind. Of course, then everything seemed to be going smoothly, a whole new world was about to begin.

    Harmonic Convergence. Two words that could, and did change everything. During the fated fight between Korra and her evil uncle, Sage had been watching the night sky. She had noticed how the stars had been moving towards each other, and only realized when it was happening, what was happening. The way that the things happened, she actually had decided to just go to bed, not feeling so well. Waking up in the morning was when she noticed she felt off. Like something wasn’t right, but it wasn’t wrong either. It was like a whole new part of her was awake that never had been before. At first nothing out of the ordinary happened. She went about her day normally. Until she started to practice the skills her father has taught her. She was 20 now, and she had everything down perfectly, but she never stopped practicing. As she went through the moves that she’d been taught, she actually started to use air-bending.

    Confused and lost, she went to Roxas. As they tried to figure out everything, she remembered her cousin Terran that night they had met. “Roxas, I think we need to go to Republic City. And I think we need to find my cousin.” She explained everything to him, including how she knew where he was. With that said, the two of them set out towards Republic City. Where they would hopefully have more solid answers and a way to figure everything out completely.

    Code of Approval:
    I am a slave to the United Forces and will be punished by Zen if I do not follow the rules.

    RP Sample:
    If I really need to do another one of these, I might kill people. –Shot-

    Source: It’s Amira.

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