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    Wanted: Evil Fire Nation Princess/Sheng Family Head

    Qin Li
    Qin Li
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    Wanted: Evil Fire Nation Princess/Sheng Family Head

    Post by Qin Li on Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:22 pm

    Name of Your Character: Qin Li Sheng
    Name of Character Request: Yuuki Sheng
    Character Relation: Elder Sister 
    Character Age: 20's 
    Character Element: Fire 
    Extras: Currently the head of the Sheng Clan/noble family, Yuuki is basically like Azula before she snapped at the end of the series. IE evil to the max, manipulative, and really doesn't believe in boundaries if they get in the way of her goals. No real background details have been established about her aside from poisoning her father in order to advance her place in the pecking order and that she was responsible for Qin's exile. I do have the bio that was drafted by the last person to play her before resigning the role should applicants wish to take the lazy route and just use a prewritten app. Or it can just be used as a point of reference in creating a new bio. I'm aware that some people might certain aspects of the previous incarnation uncomfortable to play, and thus excising them is an option. 


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