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    Children of Genosha (IF)


    Children of Genosha (IF) Empty Children of Genosha (IF)

    Post by Forge on Thu Jul 31, 2014 6:54 pm

    Children of Genosha (IF) Genoshaphoto

    Xavier is dead.

    With him died the dream of a world where all could coexist peacefully. The X-Men have disbanded, and public sentiment against mutants has never been higher. People globally are persecuted based on nothing more than their genetic makeup. And then there’s Genosha. An island paradise, run by mutants and for mutants, where prejudice is nonexistent. To humans, it’s a convenient dumping place for the world’s filth. To mutants, it is hope. 

    And to the few people who can see beyond its sparkling waters and immaculate streets, it’s a setup.

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