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Hello and welcome to Republic City: Thread of Fate! We hope you enjoy your time here and hope that you have adjusted well to Harmonic Convergence! Please, drive safely and avoid spirit trees and vines that may pop up in the road during your time here!
Republic City: Threads of Fate

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Welcome to Republic City: Threads of Fate! We are back and ready to Role Play! Please invite your friends to help make this place active again!

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    Mage the Carrot Lord Empty Mage the Carrot Lord

    Post by Qin Li on Sat Aug 02, 2014 2:56 am

    Name: Mage (aka The Carrot Lord)
    Species: Spirit
    Size: Small
    Gender: Female
    Age: 200
    Little bigger than a Dragonfly Bunny; Mage is a small, white, rabbit-like spirit creature with large floppy ears and feet, and a pair of stubby little arms that have a surprising amount of dexterity. She has become notorious around the Air Temple for her near constant squinty-eyed grin, and has recently started sporting a strange ruby-esque gem on her forehead in addition to a matching earring on one ear. Surprisingly, her fur is considered by most to be very soft and fluffy, which is truly a feat given the near constant scuffling she seems to be involved in.

    Mage the Carrot Lord Mokona_12_1_

    As for her personality, Mage always comes across as happy and hyperactive. Sometimes giving a humorous touch to otherwise unbelievable situations, much like Qin Li. Her love of merriment is especially powerful when it comes to teasing her new friend Qin, as he seems to be one of the few on the island willing to retort back in her little games. Because of this, she has become somewhat protective of the lad. A fact which many have jokingly written off as another byproduct of his so-called "charm" when it comes to the opposite sex. Charm which only seems to be working with animals as of late. Since coming to the human world, she has discovered a lust for sweets as well as alcoholic drinks, and seems to have developed a near limitless cache of the stuff somehow. She is also fond of physical affection or attention, and is not afraid of exploiting her cute and fluffy appearance to get free hugs or pats from those around her whenever possible. Especially if said opportunities put her within arms' reach of the victim's booze or food.
    Class: Non-bender (Spirits can't bend, duh)
    --Element: n/a

    Strength: Poor
    Speed: Excellent
    Stamina: Below Average
    Chi: Average
    Intelligence: Above Average

    Incredibly agile
    Can speak in the Common Tongue

    About as strong as a common house cat
    Limited reach due to stubby arms
    Borderline alcoholic

    Born a fairly low-tier spirit in the Spirit World, Mage was known as little more then a maker of mischief until Harmonic Convergence allowed her to join the mass exodus to the Human World. Since crossing over, she has carved herself out a niche on Air Temple Island as one of the top members of the food chain by utilizing her intelligence and talent for trouble to form a sort of cabal with which to conquer the island. Unlike her competitors however, she sees herself as a fairly benevolent overlord, and merely wishes for a comfortable place to reside and sample the many wonders of the Human World. Especially the wonders known as alcohol and sweets, as they are unlike anything she had previously experienced in her previous life. To that end, she has sort of attached herself to the one known as Qin Li, as he seems to have a talent for mischief which almost matches her own, and is not above slipping her appetizing bribes in an effort to buy some peace and quiet for the islands residents.

    Mage the Carrot Lord Outlawgundam2
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    Terran - Qin can bust from the lust from being girl nip. See his tip,as it slips into every person, that his luck, what the fuck, why is he cursing, many wish for the life he working. Blessed by the spirit of comedy not every man is meant to be funny. His hair is ate by large ice dragon, chilling all the time on Air temple island. Called a girl by a water bender never understood why though, return to sender. His comments work like that all the time, drop of a dime like me and my rhymes.

    Terran Lockheart
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    Mage the Carrot Lord Empty Re: Mage the Carrot Lord

    Post by Terran Lockheart on Tue Aug 05, 2014 9:16 pm

    As this is not a spirit that is really...spirity...I approve hard core. I trust you will not abuse being the only person with a spirit pet.

    Mage the Carrot Lord Ter_an11

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