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Hello and welcome to Republic City: Thread of Fate! We hope you enjoy your time here and hope that you have adjusted well to Harmonic Convergence! Please, drive safely and avoid spirit trees and vines that may pop up in the road during your time here!
Republic City: Threads of Fate

A Legend of Korra RPG meant to bring together benders of all experience!

Welcome to Republic City: Threads of Fate! We are back and ready to Role Play! Please invite your friends to help make this place active again!

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    Post by Din on Sun Aug 31, 2014 4:06 pm

    So... my computer and wifi crapped out, and on top of that, my cell phone data is running out so for the past month I've been waiting and waiting for my crap to get fixed, but they keep sending my lap top back in for more repairs. *sigh* I can't see the chatango box on my phone and it's super hard to post on a phone anyways so I'm super sorry for not posting. Hopefully the problem should be fixed by the end of this week.

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