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    Korra Application.

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    Korra Application.

    Post by Korra on Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:26 am

    Basic Information
    Name: Kora
    --Nickname: NA
    ---Special Title: Avatar
    Gender: Female
    Visual Age: 17
    Actual Age: 17
    Korra is fiery, hot-headed, tomboyish, and pugnacious. Her
    personality is in many ways the opposite of the previous Avatar. Aang
    was a peaceful, diffident, nomadic airbender, whereas Korra is tough,
    impatient, headstrong, sarcastic, and assertive. She has a poor grasp of
    the damage her powerful bending can cause and her immaturity and lack
    of forethought often lead her to disrespect those around her. However,
    like Aang, she also has a good sense of humor and enthusiasm, and a
    vulnerable teenage charm.

    Korra's lack of spiritual grasp has proven to be a stumbling
    block in her training; she admitted that her personality is the opposite
    of the typical airbender's, and as Tenzin noted, Avatars tend to
    struggle with the bending art most opposite to their personality.
    Because of this lack of a spiritual center in her life, Korra is
    impulsive and therefore has a hard time hiding her true feelings; this
    can be seen when in her reaction to learning that Asami Sato
    was Mako's date during the gala Tarrlok threw in her honor, where she
    immediately expressed her jealousy by being rather hostile toward Asami
    and short with Mako.

    Due to her concentration on the physical side of bending, Korra
    was initially quite worried when she saw "the revelation" of Amon's true
    abilities during his demonstration,a fear which expressed itself in Amon's words in the nightmare she had
    soon afterwards, "Once I take your bending away, you will be nothing." This and her later encounter with Amon revealed this fear.
    She tried repressing these fears for the good of Republic City when she
    joined Tarrlok's task force, but had trouble staying her usual upbeat
    self and became rather reclusive,and eventually made the rash decision to call Amon out on a one-on-one
    duel. This indicates that she is ruled by her emotions even when she
    tried to pretend they did not exist, leaving her vulnerable to Amon as
    shown by the results of that "duel".

    Like her immediate predecessor Aang, Korra places a high priority
    on her position as the Avatar. Yet Korra is unlike Avatar Aang in their
    approach to being the Avatar. Aang showed an unrelenting determination
    to follow his own path as the Avatar, despite what others dictated he
    should do (contrary to his usual laid-back personality), Korra, on the
    other hand, seems genuinely concerned with what others think her path
    should be as the Avatar, showing one aspect of her character which is
    not entirely confident.


    Character Information
    Bender: Yes
    --Element: Avatar
    Affinity: Fire
    Class: Avatar
    Career: Pro - Bender for the Fire Ferrets
    Birth: When Avatar Aang died.
    Loyalty: The People
    Place of Birth: South Pole
    Residence: Air Temple Island


    Strength: Excellent
    Speed: Excellent
    Stamina: Excellent
    Chi: Average
    Intelligence: Above Average

    Special Abilities:
    Healing, Breath of Fire

    Character Background
    Korra was born to Tonraq and Senna
    in the Southern Water Tribe after the death of Avatar Aang. At the age
    of four, she discovered that she was the Avatar, a fact she proudly
    announced to the Order of the White Lotus
    when they came on her family's request. After performing waterbending,
    earthbending, and firebending before them, her identity as the Avatar
    was established, and her training to become a fully realized Avatar
    began in earnest under the Order's watchful eye. Over the next thirteen
    years, Korra mastered waterbending and earthbending, and by 17, her firebending training was complete.

    By the age of seventeen, Korra demonstrated her firebending prowess to the Order of the White Lotus and Katara, her waterbending teacher. Although expressing concern over her lack of restraint and ignorance of spiritual matters, the leader of the White Lotus decided that she had successfully mastered fire, her third element, and was ready to commence her airbending training under Tenzin's tutelage. However, Korra's airbending training was put on hold when Tenzin announced that the imbalance in Republic City
    was preventing him from leaving the city to relocate to the Southern
    Water Tribe as planned. Unhappy, she decided that if Tenzin could not
    come to her, she would go to him. With Katara's blessing, she stowed
    away on a cargo ship heading for the city with Naga, her polar bear dog and animal guide.

    Upon their arrival in Republic City, Korra and Naga roamed the city,
    discovering for themselves just how out of balance it really was with
    its unequal division of wealth and rampant street crime. In the park,
    Korra comes across an Equalist protester trying to bring together non-benders to join Amon
    and the Equalists. After she calls bending "the coolest thing in the
    world" and openly considering to waterbend the protester off of his
    platform, the non-benders get riled up against her. After successfully
    thwarting members of the Triple Threat Triad, Korra found herself apprehended by the Metalbending Police Force on charges of destruction of private and city property. After an unsuccessful runaway attempt, she was brought to the police headquarters, where she was interrogated by a displeased Chief Lin Beifong.
    Although Tenzin managed to persuade her to drop all the charges against
    Korra, Lin made it very clear that she would keep an eye on the young

    Even though Tenzin had promised to send Korra back home again,
    she managed to persuade him to let her stay, as he now realized that
    Republic City needed its Avatar. She was allowed to stay and commence
    her airbending training on Air Temple Island
    under Tenzin's tutelage. Her decision to take residence at Air Temple
    Island was publicly announced during a press conference in front of City Hall
    in Republic City, during which she stated that "Avatar Aang meant for
    this city to be the center of peace and balance in the world," and that
    she would strive to obtain that goal.

    Korra found herself struggling with mastering the "element of freedom", eventually destroying a priceless Air Nomad
    training tool with firebending in a fit of rage, turning her anger on
    Tenzin. She continually found herself frustrated at her inability to
    airbend, and by the fact that Tenzin would not allow her to attend a pro-bending
    match, something she wanted to watch since childhood. Unwilling to sit
    idle on the island, she snuck off at night so she could finally attend a
    match at the arena. Upon arriving, she was caught exploring the arena's
    gym by Toza, but was bailed out by Bolin,
    who stated she was "with him". Following her rescuer, she was guided to
    the playing area where she was introduced to Bolin's brother, Mako. She hung around for the match and became enthralled with the sport and the Fire Ferret team. After the match, Bolin taught her some basics, and Korra proved herself to be a natural.

    When the Fire Ferrets' waterbender, Hasook,
    appeared to be a "no-show" for the final match, Korra jumped at the
    chance to take his spot and compete. Early on, her inexperience showed
    when she committed two quick fouls, prior to revealing herself as the
    Avatar by earthbending. The official
    ruled she could continue to compete but had to stick with waterbending.
    When Tenzin ordered her to return to the island immediately, she
    justified her stay by stating that it was important for her as the
    Avatar to learn modern-style bending, something pro-bending could help
    her with. Struggling with the rules and the pace of the game, Korra
    slowly got the feel of it. Korra started applying some of her airbending
    lessons by moving around in her zone like "a leaf in the wind", proving
    to Tenzin who was still watching that his teachings were not all lost
    to her. This sudden change of tactics from Korra won the match for the
    Fire Ferrets. This victory gained the team access to the official
    pro-bending championship tournament, and Korra was accepted to
    permanently replace Hasook as the waterbender on the team.

    When Korra was practicing airbending at Air Temple Island with Jinora
    and Ikki, Mako arrived to ask her about Bolin's location. After her
    insistence to help find Bolin, she and Mako decided to go looking for
    him through the city. In Central City Station, they met Skoochy,
    who told them he had been recruited to the Triple Threat Triad. When
    Mako and Korra made it to the gang's headquarters, they learned that
    Bolin had been captured by the Equalists in a raid and immediately set
    out to rescue him. They traveled to Republic City Park
    to find the protestor, who told them that Bolin was likely taken to the
    Equalist rally called "The Revelation". At the rally, they discovered
    that Amon possessed the power to permanently remove one's bending
    powers, a skill thus far believed only to be obtainable by Avatars.
    During Amon's demonstration on the captured benders, among whom Bolin,
    Korra released a large sheet of steam from containers hanging from the
    sides of warehouse, which created panic and distracted the Equalists
    long enough to allow Mako to rescue Bolin. When the brothers were
    overpowered by the Lieutenant,
    Korra arrived just in time to save them with her earthbending, and they
    made their escape on Naga. As soon as Korra got back to Air Temple
    Island, she informed Tenzin and consequently the United Republic Council of Amon's power.

    The encounter with the Equalists and their leader left a profound
    impression on Korra, as she had nightmares about being immobilized by
    their chi blocking
    and subsequently being stripped of her bending by Amon. For the first
    time in her life, Korra found herself afraid of something, although she
    refused to admit it. This fear held her back in her daily life, and when
    Councilman Tarrlok approached her with the offer to lead a special task force
    with him to take down Amon, she politely refused with the excuse that
    she needed to focus on her airbending training. However, Tarrlok did not
    give up and he threw a gala in her honor. He tricked her into a press
    conference, during which Korra buckled under the accusing questions of
    the journalists and shouted that she would join Tarrlok's task force to help fight Amon, if that was what the city needed.
    Eager to prove to everyone, including herself, that she was not
    afraid of anyone, Korra successfully apprehended several Equalists, with
    the help of Tarrlok's special task force, and publicly challenged Amon
    to a midnight duel at Aang Memorial Island,
    without any back-up of the task force or chi blockers. However, Amon
    did not show up alone, and his henchmen quickly overpowered her. When
    Amon emerged from the shadows, Korra was terrified that he was going to
    take her bending away. However, he did not, and instead revealed that he
    had a plan to rid the world of benders and that he was saving her for
    last in order to prevent her from becoming a martyr. Following Amon's
    monologue, he knocked her unconscious where she experienced several
    flashbacks surrounding Avatar Aang, Sokka, Toph,
    and a mysterious man in what appeared to be a congress room or council
    meeting. When she regained consciousness, Tenzin was running toward her.
    After telling him what happened, Korra broke down and finally admitted
    that she was terrified of Amon and the Equalists and that she did not
    know what to do.

    After the horrifying encounter, Korra settled down, taking a break
    from Tarrlok's task force to prepare for the upcoming Pro-bending
    Tournament. However, her feelings for Mako continued to impact her,
    showing jealousy in the presence of Asami.
    She refused Bolin's advances to her, declining his requests to spend
    time together, rather electing to return to Air Temple Island for
    further training with Tenzin.

    She later spoke with Jinora and Ikki, hoping for advice on how to
    approach Mako. Pema overheard the conversation and gave Korra the
    advice to just be honest with Mako.

    After Korra and the Fire Ferrets earned a convincing victory in the
    first round of the tournament, she followed Pema's advice and confessed
    her true feelings to Mako. However, he turned her down, telling her he
    was with Asami and did not see her in the same way. Seeing her downbeat,
    Bolin again invited Korra for a night out, and this time, she accepted,
    much to Mako's annoyance. The two enjoyed a dinner at Narook's Seaweed Noodlery, but were interrupted by Tahno,
    who attempted to provoke them into a fight. Bolin urged Korra to ignore
    Tahno's approach, warning her that harming him outside of the arena
    would disqualify the Fire Ferrets from the tournament. Heeding the
    warning, Korra called on Naga instead, who intimidated Tahno with a loud
    roar. After this little interruption, the two continued their night out
    together, enjoying drinks in a bar and the panoramic view of Republic
    City at night from atop a tower.

    When Korra returned to the Pro-bending Arena
    the following night, Mako was waiting for her, inquiring what kind of
    game she was playing with Bolin to get back at him. Korra immediately
    saw through his attitude and called his reaction jealousy. However, when
    she asked Mako to be honest and admit that he liked her, the two got
    into an argument, which nearly cost them the next match against the

    Korra was approached by Mako after the match, who admitted that he
    had not been honest with her. He explained that he did have feelings for
    her, but was confused due to his relationship with Asami. Korra
    impulsively kissed Mako, and was kissed back in return. When she broke
    it off, she noticed Bolin standing nearby and looked away in shame, and
    was blamed by Mako for breaking Bolin's heart.

    The next day, the semifinals began against the Buzzard Wasps. The
    romantic struggles presented a serious problem during the match and
    further divided the team. Frustrated, Korra excessively roughed up the
    opposing firebender with waterbending and even assaulted an official. At
    the start of round three, having lost the first two rounds
    convincingly, Korra tried to motivate her dejected teammates to not give
    up, albeit to no avail. Stubbornly refusing to give up herself, Korra
    fought the match of her life by herself, and secured a spot in the final
    by knocking all the Buzzard Wasps off the field with one powerful
    attack. Afterwards, the team made amends, putting their romantic
    differences aside to let friendship prevail. Korra was later
    complimented by Asami for her hat trick victory, and returned this kind
    gesture by sincerely thanking her and her father for their financial aid.

    The day of the final match of the Championship Tournament, Korra,
    along with Bolin and Mako, was training when they heard a radio
    broadcast from Amon. After hearing him threaten with "severe
    consequences" if the United Republic Council would not shut down the
    Pro-bending Arena, the three friends rode to City Hall to convince them
    not to cancel the final. Korra pointed out that they could not give in
    to Amon's threats, however, to no avail as the Council had already
    unanimously agreed to do so. She found an unlikely ally in Chief Lin
    Beifong, and due to her interference, the Council changed their minds
    and let the match be played. Korra wanted to thank Lin for her help, but
    was completely ignored. When she complained to Tenzin about Lin's
    hostile attitude, she came to the conclusion that Lin's issues were with
    Tenzin rather than with her.

    In the match for the championship, the Fire Ferrets faced off against the White Falls Wolfbats.
    With cheating and some help of the bribed referees, the Wolfbats almost
    won the match in the first round with a knockout, but Korra managed to
    keep her team in play by holding onto the edge of the field. However,
    she fell in the water when she threw Mako back in play. The second round
    was to be decided with a tiebreaker,
    and Korra immediately took the chance to face off with Tahno, which
    resulted in an easy victory for the Avatar. However, despite this
    success, the Wolfbats defeated the Fire Ferrets in the third round with
    an illegal knockout.
    When the match ended, Amon and the Equalists ambushed the Pro-bending
    Arena, and Korra, who was still in the pool under the ring, was quickly
    immobilized by the Lieutenant when he touched the water with his electrified kali sticks.
    Falling unconscious, Korra had another vision of Aang fighting someone
    in the Avatar State with Toph also alongside him. When she came to, she
    and her teammates were tied to one of the support beams of the arena,
    but they were soon freed by Pabu who saved them by bitting the ropes.
    Korra immediately created a waterspout to give chase to Amon and the
    Equalists who were escaping through the roof. With the help of Lin
    Beifong, she managed to reach the Equalist airship
    and knocked off the Lieutenant and an Equalist before being knocked off
    herself. A battle between the four Equalists and Korra, assisted by
    Lin, soon ensued in which Korra mainly focused on the Lieutenant, whom
    she managed to overpower and knock off the roof. However, the strain of
    the fight was too much for the arena's glass dome and Korra fell
    through, but was saved by Lin. After she thanked the police chief for
    the rescue, Mako, Bolin, and Tenzin joined them and together they
    watched the Equalists get away, realizing that they were now officially
    at war with them.

    During the shutdown of the Pro-bending Arena, Korra visited Mako and
    Bolin in the attic of the building. She told the brothers that they did
    not have to worry about living on the streets again, as Tenzin had
    agreed to letting them live on Air Temple Island. They were humbled by
    the offer, but they told her that Asami had already offered them a place
    to stay at the Sato estate.
    Korra, though uncomfortable about this, did not say anything and made
    up an excuse to leave. Asami stopped her and invited the Avatar to visit
    the estate the next day, to which Korra at first refused saying she had
    "Avatar stuff" to do, but was then convinced by Bolin to do so.

    When Korra visited the Sato estate the following day, she found Mako,
    Bolin, Asami, and Pabu having fun in the pool. The hostess then took
    the group to a racetrack and offered to take Korra "for a spin", to
    which the Avatar agreed enthusiastically. Korra sat in the backseat of a
    car with Asami at the wheel and they competed against other driver,
    finally winning the race.

    Back at the mansion, Korra overheard Hiroshi Sato
    talking on the phone about the Cabbage Corp investigation and an
    upcoming "strike". She immediately left the mansion and contacted Tenzin
    and Lin Beifong, theorizing that Hiroshi could be working with the
    Equalists. The three of them went back to the estate and questioned the
    businessman. After getting permission from Hiroshi to search all of
    Future Industries' factories, Chief Beifong had her officers search for
    any evidence that could link Hiroshi to the Equalists, however, no
    evidence was found. During a search in one the warehouses, Korra
    received a tip by a worker asking to meet underneath Silk Road Bridge.
    She immediately informed Tenzin and Lin, who accompanied her at the
    bridge, where the worker informed them that Hiroshi had manufactured the
    weapons the Equalists had used during the attack on the arena, and was
    creating more new weapons for them in a hidden factory under his mansion.

    Korra, Tenzin, Lin, and a number of police officers went back to Sato's home via airship, eventually finding a tunnel that led to the underground factory. There, the group discovered that the new weapons were large mecha tanks,
    that suddenly began to move while Hiroshi's voice could be heard coming
    from one of them, and Korra realized that the informant was nothing
    more than a setup. Controlled by Sato and various other Equalists, the
    tanks attacked the intruders, easily overpowering and knocking them
    unconscious. As the Equalists were loading the captured officers into
    their trucks, Mako and Bolin found their way into the factory and
    started carrying Korra and her accompaniment out, but were stopped by
    Hiroshi. Asami then arrived at the factory and confronted her father and
    the Lieutenant, allowing the group to escape safely.

    While heading back toward Republic City, Korra told Mako that he,
    Bolin, and Asami were all welcome to live on Air Temple Island with her
    and Tenzin's family.

    After her friends moved to Air Temple Island, Tenzin and Korra left for Saikhan's
    inauguration as the new chief of police. While there, the Avatar and
    the airbender confronted Tarrlok, questioning his actions, but the
    Councilman requested Korra to re-join his task force, to which she
    refused. Tarrlok then alluded to the Avatar's lack of progress on her
    airbending, which caused her to worry about her airbending and spiritual
    block. She later spoke with Tenzin about the matter, mentioning that
    she was confused about the visions she had had. Tenzin advised her to
    meditate on these visions, believing Aang's spirit was trying to contact

    When she was crying while looking out at Aang's statue, her friends
    found her and cheered her up by assuring her they had her back. As the
    new Team Avatar,
    they decided to patrol Republic City in order to protect it from the
    Equalists. After arresting several escaped Equalist prisoners, Tarrlok
    confronted the team and warned them to stay out of his way. Later on, at
    a supposed Equalist rally in the Dragon Flats district,
    Korra and her friends spotted a significant power outage in the area,
    which turned out to be caused by Tarrlok and several metalbending
    officers in accordance with a new law against non-benders. The
    non-benders pleaded for Korra's help, who confronted Tarrlok but without
    success. She decided to intervene and free the innocent non-benders,
    much to the Councilman's displeasure, who then took all of her friends
    into custody. Later that night, Korra and Tenzin spoke with Saikhan at
    the police headquarters, requesting that he release her friends and the
    non-benders, but the chief refused.

    Later that evening, Korra left the island on Naga and went to City
    Hall, where she confronted Tarrlok regarding his radical actions. He
    proposed that if she agreed to work for him, her friends would be
    released, but the Avatar refused and compared him to Amon, which
    infuriated the Councilman and caused him to attack her, ensuing a duel
    between the two. Korra appeared to have won the duel when she knocked
    the Councilman out of his office and down to the Council's meeting room
    with a large earthbending attack, leaving Tarrlok without a source of
    water. However, just as she prepared two fire blasts to end it, Tarrlok
    used bloodbending to control Korra's body and throw her across the room,
    knocking her unconscious as she had another vision of Aang, Sokka,
    Toph, and the same unknown man, who bloodbent the entire room while Aang
    tried to reach out at him. As Korra awoke, she found herself tied up in
    the back of a police car while Tarrlok told her she would never see
    Republic City again, as he was going to take her where no one could ever
    find her.

    Tarrlok took Korra to the mountains, a place of seclusion, and locked
    her in a metal container. In the containment, Korra decided to meditate
    on her previous visions and finally connected with Aang's spirit, as
    she had additional visions of Aang dealing with a powerful, criminal
    bloodbender named Yakone. During a trial where he was found guilty, he
    bloodbent the entire court into submission, knocking Aang unconscious
    and forcing Toph to release him from his restraints. Yakone escaped, but
    Aang entered the Avatar State and chased down Yakone, where he fought,
    cornered, and stripped the bloodbender of his bending abilities. Korra
    then realized Tarrlok is related to Yakone and that Aang was trying to
    warn her about this. The Councilman then returned to the "prison", where
    Korra told him about her visions, pressing him to tell her the truth
    and admit his wrongdoing; he finally admitted that Yakone was his

    Before anything else could happen, the prison was raided by the
    Equalists, led by Amon. Korra overheard Tarrlok being stripped of his
    bending, and Amon ordering his chi blockers to subdue Korra by
    electrocuting the box. Korra ingeniously took her arm bands and held
    onto them at the top of the box, wrapping each one around the metal
    bars, where she received a very mild electric shock and remained
    conscious. She escaped the box, injuring a few other men, following Amon
    and eluding the other Equalists. She slid down a snowy hill and tripped
    over a branch, hurtling towards a tree. The blow knocked her
    unconscious, but Naga who tracked her from Republic City, discovered her
    and carried her home.
    They wandered through the forest until they reached Republic City,
    where Naga roamed the streets. Team Avatar – along with Lin and Tenzin –
    eventually found her, having heard Naga's howls. Mako, visibly worried
    about Korra beforehand, told everyone to, "give her some space" and
    picked her up off Naga, cradling Korra in his arms. Mako, after
    retrieving Korra from Naga's back, laid her down on Oogi, brushing hair
    from her face assuring her, "It's okay, you're safe now." She smiled in
    return, happy to be near him again. Team Avatar, Lin, and Tenzin then
    flew her home on Oogi, relieved that the Avatar is safe and sound.

    After being found unharmed, Korra was taken back to Air Temple Island along with the new Team Avatar,
    Lin, and Tenzin. As Korra attempts to recover from the ordeal, Mako
    remains at her bed side and even held Korra's hand, while Asami watched
    secretly at the door. Soon after, Team Avatar, Lin, and Tenzin enjoy a
    meal with Pema and the Airbender kids. After eating for a bit, Korra
    admitted that Pema's food was starting to "make [her] feel like
    [herself] again." Tenzin then implored her to tell her harrowing tale.
    Korra explained that Tarrlok was Yakone's son, surprising Lin and
    Tenzin. When asked how she escaped and where Tarrlok was, Korra
    responded that Amon had shown up out of nowhere, took Tarrlok's bending,
    and captured him. She also told how she was almost captured as well.
    Tenzin then expressed his fear of Amon becoming emboldened and that
    taking out a councilman and nearly capturing the Avatar was increasingly
    bold. He then told the group that he was afraid that "Amon [was]
    entering his endgame."

    The next day, the Equalists began their attack on Republic City,
    starting with the capture of council members, with the exception of
    Tenzin, who was able to fend off his attackers. Seeing the devastation
    from the island, Korra and her friends traveled to the city in hopes of
    aiding the battle against the Equalists. Using Asami's Satomobile, they
    drove to the police headquarters where Tenzin was under attack by the
    Equalists. The gang, along with Tenzin, defeated the mecha tanks,
    preventing the airbending master's capture. Upon seeing Equalist airship
    close in on Air Temple Island, they traveled on Oogi and arrived on the
    island. Successful at repelling the attackers, Tenzin orders the
    evacuation of the island knowing that more airships will arrive soon.
    Tenzin tells Korra to hide and leave the city for now, promising her
    that when the United Forces arrives, they will return and turn the tide
    against the Equalists. Korra agrees and vacates the island on Naga with
    Mako, Bolin and Asami. She then flees to Republic City, where she and
    the rest of Team Avatar go to a secluded water pipeline. There, she
    sadly gazes at the destroyed Air Temple until Mako tells her to get
    going. He then wraps his arm around Korra as they continue to walk down
    the water pipeline.

    Soon after, she managed to send a wire to the United Forces, reporting that the city had fallen under the Equalists' control. A large force had been dispatched to aid the city, led by General Iroh.
    Iroh told his subordinate to respond that his forces would arrive in
    three days time, and that together they would take back the city.

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    RP Sample:

    Korra took a released a deep breath she tossed the equalist over her shoulder. "Huh, ya like that one? There is plenty more where that came from!" She quickly pun around to parry an electric glove that was aiming at her face with a well placed earth wall. Jumping on top of the wall, she shot fire down toward the smaller eaqualist, who barely dodged the flames, only to be grabbed by Naga, and tossed into a puddle, the electricity shocking the person unconscious.

    Before she could rejoice, a a black satomobile showed up, taking back their two partners that lay on the ground, "Oh no you dont!" Raged Korra, who manipulated the ground to trap them all inside a block. At this time, the metal benders arrived in one of there blimps, approaching the scene from above.

    As the police force descended from the sky, they looked around and asked what happened. "No worries officers, your four pack is already packaged and ready for transport," Naga begins to growl, as the beast stares down an alley way. "You officers take care of the ones I captured, I'll get the rest!" She shouts as she hosp on Naga's back. They take down the alley, another battle soon to come.


    Someone posted it on my site in the advertisement section, but never sighed up, so I do not know who gets the credit.

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    Re: Korra Application.

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    The statistics are not on par with the sites rules, but this is based off her canon stats found here -

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    Re: Korra Application.

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    approved! do you need to make a user for her? Or change the name of this one?

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    Re: Korra Application.

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    If you want to change the name of this one that is fine, I will recreate Terran Lockheart later lol

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    Re: Korra Application.

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