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Welcome to Republic City: Threads of Fate! We are back and ready to Role Play! Please invite your friends to help make this place active again!

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    Rules and Regulations

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    Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations

    Post by Din on Mon May 07, 2012 2:10 pm

    When making an account, we recommend that it is your character's name or nickname. Please try to use capitalization and spacing if you have a last name.  This site is R-16. If you are younger than 16, we will ask if you have parent permission to be on here, because this site allows swearing, sexual relationships (with warnings on the topics) and violence.

    Code of Approval
    We don't want people joining and getting away with not reading the rules. To stop that, we have a code of approval for new members who join the site. In order to be approved, they must read through the rules of the site and look for the code of approval, in which there is a message there. It is only one short sentence, and all you have to do is simply copy and paste it to the area in your application. We will be changing this message weekly, so that no one can just look at other applications for it.

    Character Creations
    Custom characters on the site MUST follow these rules when making their character. You may NOT be a custom airbender unless given permission. You cannot relate yourself to a MAJOR canon's if you are a custom character. If your character is of "noble blood", ask either of the site owners if what you put in your history is allowed. You are not allowed to give yourself special abilities when first joining (Example: If you're a firebender, you can't start out with lightening, if you're an earthbender, you can't start with metalbending, etc.). You must buy these abilities in the site shop. We do this to avoid people starting out too powerful. You may start out with a character whose bending was removed.

    Canon Characters
    You are allowed to be any of the character's from The Legend of Korra (WHO ARE ALIVE IN THE SERIES). We will be strict about this, though. If you are trying to be a canon, you must make a roleplay sample specifically for that character so we can see how you RP with them. It must be a sample that shows how you would fight as them. Canon characters MUST stay in character. We have the right to strip you of your character if you do not act them out properly. Non-Canon relationships are allowed. 

    This is for any custom characters who want to avoid finding other characters using the same picture as them; you may direct yourself to the creation area to post in the "Face-Claiming" topic within the "Character Sheets" forum. If you use a canon character from another show or game, you may not use them as they are in this universe, be creative!

    Please try staying active, we don't need to have 200 accounts here and only 5 are active. If you do not stay active, your accounts are suspended. If you're only active with one character and hardly play as the other, please delete your other character. If you're going to be away from the computer for a long period of time for any reason--please make a topic in the "Introductions and Farewells" section. After several months of inactive users, deletion of accounts may be necessary.
    If a canon character is inactive for two weeks, unexcused, all positions you have are taken away and open for someone else.

    Gif Signatures
    Gifs are moving pictures within an image url. Due to the motion of the image it causes cpu usage to build up as posts go on. Those with slow moving internet, like dial up and other various internet types, can often have their computers freeze up due to this. So, from now on Gif Signatures must be put in the spoiler tag.
    Multiple Characters
    When it comes to making characters, we are pretty lenient. We will allow you to be as many characters as you like, canon or custom. Our only rule on this is that before creating another character, your previous account you made before it must have at least 50 posts. 

    Every character is allowed to start out with one SMALL pet. A small pet is anything smaller than a medium-sized dog. You can be creative with your animals, by mixing two animals together, since it is uncommon for there to be single species animals. Animals you create may not have the ability to bend elements until you buy them upgrades.

    Character Approval
    Only Administrators and Moderators will be approving characters. Please remember to keep in mind you also are unable to roleplay until an Administrator or Moderator approves it. In order to have your character sheet approved, it MUST have a roleplay sample so we can see where you are in RP.

    This is a text-base roleplaying site, which means we do not allow speed RP. that includes actions that are within astarisks or dashes. Please use third person and try to keep spelling and grammar errors to a minimum. This is a roleplay site meant for all levels of roleplayers, so do not feel obligated to make large posts all the time! We simply ask out of politeness that you try to keep your post length the same as the member before you at least. 

    Pro-bending Teams
    Pro-bending is a popular sport within the Republic City, and you are welcome to create your teams with friends. Remember that each team must have one earthbender, waterbender, and firebender. If you are a custom airbender wishing to be on a probending team, let a site owner know to help create this.

    Godmodding and Metagaming
    Please no godmodding. We don't need you dodging every attack, controlling characters, instant-killing, or using more power than you actually have. To do so is unfair and ridiculous.
    We also are not allowing metagaming, which is when you know something your character should not know about, but act as though they know it anyways.
    Example: Eldin was taken to the Forsaken Castle, but Shiki doesn't know it. The players of Eldin and Shiki discussed what was going on out of character, and regardless of the fact that Shiki isn't supposed to know where he is, he instantly gains that information and arrives there as if he knew everything all along.
    We don't need know-it-all's. It takes away from the fun.

    Misleading Members Into Topics
    Topics are usually made through characters wishing to rp with one another through some time of pre-planned event or theme. Though in some cases that is not the case. Some have used fake pre-planning in order to trick members into rping. Though this has not happened too much yet, it can happen more if left unchecked. Tricking people into topics through misleading them in the pre-plan is rude and very low. It ruins the fun of role playing for all party members. And as such, will no longer be tolerated. Warnings will be given to those who attempt it and topics deleted. If they persist in this, then they will eventually be banned. This will follow normal warning and ban rules.

    Relationships are allowed and recommended during the RP experience. If you have a romantic relationship, due to the Site RP Haven reporting ALL sites that have adult content, any "Lemons" or graphic sexual innuendo is banned. Fade to black or implications, even saying they made love, is about as far as you can go. Otherwise, kiss and snuggle away.

    Fall in love with the enemy, love triangles, or normal relationships are approved. However, their needs to be a level of comfort. Make sure the person you are pursuing is okay with it, otherwise you will be reprimanded for sexual harassment. NO loli/shota or pedophilia content will tolerated. 16 and 18 is one thing but 14 and 20 is not. If you need to ask if a character is too young, take it as a sign that it is.

    Korra is also a kid to teen targeted audience, plus this is done in a steam punk revolution time frame. This means no, you may NOT be a transsexual or have a/get a sex change. 

    Now, keeping this in mind, respect needs to be granted to all audiences. This brings up the HIGHLY controversial issue of Homosexuality. To say its okay will cause problems as well as to ban it. Therefor it is UP TO YOU to know when it is okay to bring up such a subject. Some people are VERY against it and some people run rampant in the streets, pick and choose when to address such things to avoid causing flame wars on the site.

    If you are killed, you are dead. End of story. There are no ways to cheat death. Once you die, you cannot return. The only time you can revive yourself, is when someone instant-kills you, or joins a private topic of yours and kills you within it.
    SPIRITUAL WATER: If you are a waterbender who has traveled to the Northern Water Tribe, you can use your spirit water on someone who is dying to bring them back to full health.

    Killing a member of this site without the consent of that person is not permitted at any time. No one deserves to get their player killed without their knowledge. Instant killing is unacceptable. Death matches ARE allowed, but there must be consent between both characters, and the topic title must include "Death Match" or "Kill-able" in it.


    Advertising is guest friendly! We don't recommend doing lots of guest advertising, but it is allowed. If you decide to advertise on our site, you give us full permission to advertise back onto your own site. If there is a problem with us advertising on your site, your advertisement on our site will be deleted. Code of approval: I am a slave to the United Forces and will be punished by Zen if I do not follow the rules.

    Administration and Moderation
    If you are given special privileges by one of the Founders, you are not to abuse the power. Do not rank yourself highly if you do not deserve it and do not take advantage of chatbox moderation power. You are only to kick people from the chat if they disrupt the chat in any way by disrupting the rules of the site. At first, I'll give you a warning and strip you of your power for 48 hours. If it happens again, you're power is stripped permanently. 

    As a mod, your job is to PROPERLY look over characters, and you are allowed rip them a new one if the profile is in need of it. However, do not insult, use swearing, or abandon a profile once you start. Also, no back seat modding and do NOT go around another mod or admins back to mod or approve. You will INSTANTLY lose your staff rank if you do this. IF a mod goes 2 days without responding to the profile, an admin or Founder will do it. Mods are also to overlook the forums and RPS to make sure rules are followed.

    Admins, mods with more responsibility. Admins are the ones that do all that mods do, as well as have access to the admin panel to be able to take care of updating profiles and distributing money. Admins also rank above mods and therefore /have/ the power to overstep them should a mod have missed something SUPER MAJOR or did something incorrect. Admins may NOT do so to founders.

    Insults and Disrespect
    Insulting and disrespecting members of the site is prohibited. This includes racism, sexism, and anything that makes a user feel uncomfortable and offended by you. Threats and constant harassment are punishable by a 48 hour ban. If this continues, it will be a permanent IP ban. Disrespecting the staff will result in an automatic ban from chatbox for 24 hours. If it continues, it will be a 24 hour site ban, and then a permanent ban.

    Along the same lines as disrespecting someone to their face is disrespecting someone behind their backs. Everyone is allowed their own opinions, but public humiliation is not okay. Not only when someone is not there to defend themselves, but if it is a general group based on 'bad' rpers, or those with 'bad' apps. Race, gender, and SELF FLAMING, is included. For example, publicly calling out someones poorly made app, pointing out someone constantly makes certain mistakes in rp, and going on and on about how terrible your life is in public is not okay. If you need someone to talk to, if you ask around, you can find someone to listen to you in private. Please do not make personal drama or drama with another person everyone's business. The first offense is a warning, or asking to stop the act. The second offense an hour cbox ban. Third offense a week ban from the cbox. Any more beyond this point and you may be put up for a permanent ban from the chatbox.

    Swearing is not prohibited, but we do wish for you to keep it to a minimum. We would prefer that you only swear when in character, but it is not required. There will absolutely be no swearing to offend or hurt another member of the site while not in RP. If we find out that this is being done for so, severe consequences will take place.

    ADVERTISING ON THE CHATBOX IS PROHIBITED. That is what the Advertisement forum is for under "OTHER". This goes for sites, your guild, anything. If you want someone to join your guild, then please PM them. Keep it out of the chatbox.
    Please be respectful on the chatbox. Respect any mods within the chatbox, and have a good time!

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