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    The Bellefonte Academy ||PB||NO WC||OC MUTANT||

    The BA Staff

    The Bellefonte Academy ||PB||NO WC||OC MUTANT||

    Post by The BA Staff on Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:31 am



    A Mutant inspired role play.

    In 1861 the Bellefonte Academy was founded by Ichabod Bellefonte. It was meant to be a sanctuary for specially gifted teens and adults, and quickly the school thrived to become one of the top boarding schools within their field. Remained hidden from the general population, the school itself was placed in the mountain area close to Kalispell, Montana.

    It's no secret that people that are special are often frowned upon by the general population. The Bellefonte Academy offers shelter and help to these gifted human beings, children, teens and adults alike.

    The school itself works like any other boarding school would with housing, students, teachers and staff. The school offers a busy day-to-day routine with classes, training sessions and school clubs. The children and teens come here to learn how to control themselves and master their abilities. And of course, the students and staff are more than welcome to take a trip down to the busy town life of Kalispell.

    When someone's ability manifests, usually around the age of 11-15, a recruiter is sent out to collect the child(ren) and bring them back to the school where they can properly learn to control their power by professional faculty staff.

    The school offers a battle arena for everyone to compete, and the arena hosts monthly competitions as well. This is of course voluntary and in no way forced upon the students, teachers or staff.

    So, what side are you on? Are you a troubled teenager, trying his or her best to cope with their ability? Maybe you're a teacher, a trainer or another part of the school staff? Perhaps you're a local, unaware of the specially gifted people inhabiting Kalispell? You can be whoever you want to be - but remember, with every power comes responsibility.

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