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    Post by Ance on Mon Jul 28, 2014 1:45 am

    Basic Information
    Name: Ance
    --Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Personality: Ance is gentle soul, or at least for the most part. The strife he's endured in his mortal coil has caused him to be one that does not advocate violence but not above it as a permanent or ephemeral solution. Adversity is best solved preemptively, is the mantra he's devoted himself to upholding but has recently began to find exceptions to the principle.

    Despite his his growing penance for conflict he is compassionate and capable of great empathy and sympathy, two traits he considers to be the foundation of moral decency. Because of his sensitivity towards the state of others he often find himself playing a mediator in another persons problems despite the fact that meddling in the affairs of others has caught him in quite a sum of trouble in the past.

    After the Equalist rising in Republic City and his shameful involvement in the movement he was cast away by both himself and his Family. He had never felt more ashamed
    of anything he'd ever done, especially since his Family consisted of Benders, but even then he supposed that was part of the reason he was involved, envy. He realized quite early that was a heavy part of the whole conflict.

    The nomadic lifestyle he had adopted for fair time has done much to shape him, almost as much as the event that caused him to beginning the lifestyle in the first place, almost. In his time he's extended his hand in good natured assistance, he's been thanked and he's been swindled. The potential for either or has brought him to become more wary of people thus he's taken to being deceptively underhanded when trying to read others although he believes it in all fairness. He never knows when someone is genuine or not.

    Even prior to his separation from home Ance was not equipped with the greatest in academic materials much to his disappointment as he is genuinely excited to learn about new topics that could potentially expand his horizons. After he'd left home he was presented with less book smarts to accentuate his knowledge thus when found in an intellectual debate despite how much he would enjoy to contribute he could not hope to. 

    Ance has lithe athletic physique, one that would command more mass had he the steady the diet to maintain. His rather slender toned form is accentuated by his notable six foot height. Although he may be tall his mass is particularly physically imposing as signs of prolonged hunger linger on his features. His lightly sunken in cheeks make his deep brown eyes all the more pronounced along with the volume of his stark black hair.

    His common apparel is usually the same thing he wore the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that. Having little access to tailors while on his pilgrimage he typically alternates between a small selections of garbs. He owns three outfits in total, each one obtained from each of the Nations he's traveled to.

    Each of his garbs are a color variation of one another pertaining to particular nation they come from. A simple cotton shirt underlying a patternless adjustable vest, comfortable trousers that tuck into leather boots that ride up half way towards his calf.

    Character Information

    Bender: Non-Bender
    --Element: N/A
    Class: Poor
    Career: Traveling performer/ Circus performer
    Loyalty: Self
    Place of Birth: Republic City
    Residence: N/A


    Strength: Below Average
    Speed: Above Average
    Stamina: Average
    Chi:  Above Average
    Intelligence: Below Average

    Weapon Type: Electrified Kali Sticks

    Weapon Appearance:Tradition martial arts implements. Two feet in length constructedof a conductive composite and insulated grips for usage of the user. Tips are typical steelgray while deactivated, upon ignition tips crackle with azure electricity.

    Weapon Abilities: Stun or immobilize target upon contact.

    Character Background

    History: [/font] Ance was born and raised in Republic City along with much of his extended family. The issue of finance was always a Damocles that lofted over his parents heads, he was made blissfully oblivious to struggle of his parents financial problems, much like any child is having no grasp of adult struggles. Despite his child puerality he never badgered his parents for material things unlike his siblings. His solace and only thing he required was the company of his animal companions. Common city bound creatures, ferrets, molebats, any persuasion of rodent. Most would berate him for his association with pests, most did.

    Having been born without the ability to bend like his other seven siblings he was the Black Sheep. The fact that he found companionship in pest life only made him more of a pariah. Name calling, threats, beatings for other children with the power to bend, he was not above any of it. His only protection were his older siblings, and despite how much they stood up for him they would encourage him to find the will to defend himself. Ance being the middle child was only about two-three years apart from his older siblings but could not find their same maturity when it came to self defense. His weakness coupled with admiration to his older siblings quickly grew and bittered and the years passed.

    As he matured so did a deep envy of his siblings skills. As a child he saw no need to be upset but as he grew he realized he would not be with them forever, they would not be around to fight his battles. This was a sentiment they themselves tried to extend to him, but in his fits he would disregard their words of encouragement and interpret it as patronization.

    When the Equalist movement had arised in Republic City he felt this was his chance to prove his worth, more to himself than anything else. He'd joined the Equalist movement sponging in the propaganda of equality and training to combat benders. His lessons in Chi-blocking gave him new found confidence to the point of pompous arrogance. He picked fights for the sheer satisfaction of triumphing over benders for the first time. His actions called attention on himself especially from his family who desperately tried to advise him on the error of his ways but he wouldn't hear it. He felt it was simply them trying to make him surrender the first semblance of power he ever had.

    What brought his precious self delusion to a screeching halt was when one of the benders that had their bending removed was his eldest brother, Jin. Ance and Jin's child arguments had become a full blown fight the day Jin had confronted Ance about his affiliation to the Equalist. A few days after their squabble one of his Equalist comrades had caught wind of their fight and captured his Brother. He was equalized after their kidnapping and left back at the families doorstep as a message to the unruly Benders in the area and the family. Ance tracked down the group responsible for kidnapping his Brother and turned them in to Republic City police. Even after his effort to correct his mistakes his Family could not accept what he was responsible for and he could not possibly stand what he had done. This marked the beginning of his time traveling the Nations.

    He made what little money he could from settlement to settlement as a wandering performer. His time studying under the Equalist had at least left him with the acrobatic prowess to impress. In his time wandering the Nations he began seeking spiritual enlightenment as he felt his heart still tainted by what he'd caused and harmonic convergence was upon the world. His time in the Water tribes were brief as Civil war was on the Horizon.

    In his Travel through the Earth Kingdom he'd befriended a cub Jaguar Bear who was without a Mother. Without the Mother the cub would have perished, he took the cub along with him naming him, Kuma. Seeing as the world was at a pivotal turning point he found himself overwrought with indecisiveness, he felt the desperate need to contact the spirits for guidance but being a non-bender he found difficulty in doing so, much like everything he'd ever attempted. In a poor lapse of judgment he'd hatched the plan that if he were to block his own chakra points and forced his entry into the spirit world, the sudden burst would be enough to force his way in. A dam that could not stand the building pressure of a torrent of waves eventually surrendered and let force a herculean wave all at once, that was his thought process. Unfortunately he had been right, he had found his way into the spirit world but unable to navigate his way through. At the point of Harmonic Convergence Kuma had sacrificed his own bind to the spirits, being an animal Kuma was a potent enough spiritual medium to allow Ance a path back. Ance had lost his only friend and
    traveling companion for the sake of his own life.

    RP Sample:
    The dim light of the equidistant street poles drizzled overhead ocassionaly flickering leaving the streets to embrace the silent solemn nature of which the people onthe streets portrayed, or lack there of. Most have already gone into thier homes, the inflicted martial law had left all terrified of night travel, with good reason asthe fights between the Republic City task force and the Equalist forces have grown in number, frequency, and collateral damage. Ance had always been light footed so much so much confused his ability to travel so silently as a trait of Waterbender grace. He'd always scoffed at the thought, not all exceptional trait belonged to benders. But this time was different, whether it have been the vacancy of the streets that made his footsteps more audible or the weight that was now on his shoulders for what he'd felt responsible for was anyone's guess.

    He could hear chatter, those in their homes locking their doors and windows at the sight of Ance passing by the peripheral view of their homes. The sounds of Father's holding their son's back from rushing out of the home to confront him and vice versa. The gentle cooing of a Mother comforting her children telling them everything would be alright, it wouldn't be, but only Ance knew that. He could already hear the sounds of people dialing their phones to contact the police force. Ance would have to be sure to make the retribution he would deliver swift. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to maintain his Equalist garbs on, but that would be antithetical to what he was planning.

    The street he traversed was mostly sidewalk, a lot the space in the area was devoted to pedestrian use as not a lot of cars passed by through here, not many people here were wealthy enough to own one. If automobiles were to drive by here it would only be convenient for one at a time to pass, if not it would have to be single file. The cops would be coming from the south side of the street which was wide enough to occupy a car and at least a dozen people. Ance would have to funnel them there.

    He ducked into an alley to come by the back door of an unsuspecting family own business. Great place for an Equalist boot camp, he should know he was trained here. He walked into the backdoor, they'd always kept it unlocked in case someone needed to make a quick escape and didn't have to time to fumble with keys. The smell of soap water filled the air, the owners always cleaned before they locked up, not a dish or pot or pan out of place, they were quite militant for a humble family owned restaurant and made sure to keep the best conditions. But their cleanliness was also to prevent the students in the secret basement from getting a breath full of discarded soy sauce while training. There was a small cubby that allowed for ventilation downstairs hidden behind the small curved spice rack. Ance broke of pipe of the water heater and directed it to the cubby turning the heater on full blast to send a torrent of white hot air out to the ventilation and downstairs to his 'friends'.

    The ruckus it caused was instant. He could already hear the muffled sound of panic as the Equalist under the floor began evacuating towards the secondary discreet exit. Ance had a surprise ready for those who did, he couldn't hear it from where he was but right about now those first few that tried to flee from there would be ensnared in a electric net. That leaved only the upper exit to their use which lied just under the accounting table in the backroom. He rushed to the the backroom hearing the trap door unlatch and just as the first person out of there thought he'd found a safe place to breath he was met with Ance foot causing him to reel and knock back all those that might have been behind him.

    The sounds of sirens drowned the area sending a chill down Ance's spine with every blare. The police had gotten here far earlier than he thought they would have, he'd have to bail now or he would be stuck with the rest of them. Before he could contemplate another thought he double over from a fist colliding with his abdomen. He parried the succeeding strike to left from one of the Equalist that had made it out of the hatch. Ance tired to follow up with a strike at the chakra point of the base of the neck but was stopped when his opponent rolled back his parried arm to swipe his aside. Both of them were caught in an exchange of parried blows, then soon it was two against him, then three. Ance was being overwhelmed, he jumped back onto a table balancing expertly on it and digging the front of his behind it to throw it forth at them in tendem with performing a backflip. The easily weaved out of the way and continued to attack him now brandishing their stun weapons. Ance using both his Kali sticks ducked under the unison strike of two of the equalist and brought them against the front of the ankles of both of their left feet to flip them over him. They crashed onto the wooden furnishings that surrendered under their weight and were knocked unconscious. As the police stormed in and began the exchange between the Equalist he escaped amidst the confusion, hopefully what he'd done would make his actions weigh less heavily on him.

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    Before I read through this, there are a couple things I see that need fixing.

    1. I appreciate the big words... but I still need you to have 4 to 5 sentences in a paragraph at least.

    2. This is an incomplete template. I know it's stupid, but can you make sure you have the source and face claim. The source is how you found us, and the face-claim, because you don't have a picture, I just need you write unavailable.

    3. Lastly, could I ask that you just fix the random [/font]s throughout the app. I think it's a coding fail on our part, I'll look into it.


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    Moved to old characters. Should this member return, they may ask a member of staff for it to be brought back to character creation.

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