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Welcome to Republic City: Threads of Fate! We are back and ready to Role Play! Please invite your friends to help make this place active again!

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    Character Request Template Empty Character Request Template

    Post by Din on Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:54 pm

    This is where you can request someone to make you a character!

    Name of Your Character:
    Name of Character Request: You can either make it up or let them make it!
    Character Relation: Brother, sister, friend, etc.
    Character Age:
    Character Element:

    [b]Name of Your Character[/b]:
    [b]Name of Character Request[/b]: You can either make it up or let them make it!
    [b]Character Relation[/b]: Brother, sister, friend, etc.
    [b]Character Age[/b]:
    [b]Character Element[/b]:


    So there are many of us who want to RP and have our characters find "the one" but sometimes it isn't easy because we don't know who is looking for love! So this is where you can post up a little plot describing your character and what your character is looking for relationship-wise! Post it as a new thread so we can place your want add in a closed folder so it does not get mixed up!

    Bender Type: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, None?
    Class: Upper, Middle, or Lower Class?
    Location: Where does your character live?
    What I'm Looking For: What are you looking for in a significant other personality wise? Appearance wise?
    Significant Other's Bender Preference: Do you want your lover to be a bender? What kind? Or do you not care?
    How to let me know you're interested: Message, email, etc?
    Extra Notes:

    [b]Bender Type:[/b]
    [b]Location:[/b] Where does your character live?
    [b]What I'm Looking For:[/b]
    [b]Significant Other's Bender Preference:[/b]
    [b]How to let me know you're interested:[/b]
    [b]Extra Notes:[/b]

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