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    Lilikanna Non-Bender


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    Lilikanna Non-Bender

    Post by Lilikanna on Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:22 am

    Basic Information
    Name: Lilikanna
    --Nickname: Lily
    ---Special Title: N/a
    Gender: Female
    Visual Age: 22
    Actual Age: 19
    When you end up living a life much like Lily’s you learn to grow up very fast. In her current state, Lily is pretty much a bad-ass, which makes her very changed from the seven year old who had a comfy life. At that young age, Lily had been very shy and quiet. She would often follow other people’s lead, and never try to take point herself. As she got older, and lived on the streets longer, that changed. Lily started to learn to stand up for herself. She would be more open, and more of a leader, as well as more of a free speaker. This lead to her habit of speaking her mind to people that she meets. She will still be friendly with them, but often the way she speaks freely will get her into trouble. Lily is also fiercely protective. It doesn't matter if it’s her pet, her friends, a loved one, or just some random kids on the street, she will always be there if they need her, and will watch over them. As well as protective, Lily is also loyal to those that she knows. Even if things might get really bad, really fast, she will always stand by her friends no matter what. Once being more of a pacifist, Lily learned the lesson that protecting your friends, and loved ones, was very different than actually looking for a fight. Despite all the years of being on the streets, and having to steal to survive, Lily has become rather comfortable around people, but she often keeps her hand by the hilts of her swords. One of her greatest pet peeves is to be judged by people. She hates to be looked down on because of her past, and would rather be judged on who she is today.

    When it comes to a fight, Lily will always do what she can to protect those that she cares for, as well as herself. She isn't a mindless murder, and will try her best to end a serious fight that could potentially result in loss of life, before it even gets a chance to start. However, she has come to accept that there will be times when ending a fight, such as those ones, is impossible with the worse results. Lily believes that life shouldn't be wasted. Every life, no matter how small, is important, no matter who it belongs to. Due to such belief, she will often end fights in either a forced surrender, or by knocking her opponent unconscious. During the actual fight, Lily has a very unconventional style and set of skills. She relies on her own quick movements, and the flash of the blades to do the defense skills, while she attempts to work her way close enough to end the fight without too much blood shed. She will do anything she can to avoid actually causing too much damage in the fight, and is very careful about where her blades will strike. By paying attention to her enemy, she uses their own movements and signals to learn about them as she goes.

    On a less serious note, when Lily is around people, she will tend to let them take lead, but that is solely because she lets them. If Lily wants to, she’ll take lead herself for some adventures. Generally, around new people, Lily will be nervous, but she’ll opt to not show it so much. This is because she fears the judgment of them finding out what she was. Around anyone who does know about her, she’s more relaxed and open. She loved the party scene, but that doesn't mean she doesn't know how to get down to work. She is also not very good in any type of formal position. She had learned manors as a child, but all that learning went to hell when she lived on the streets for so long. Being her life, Lily is generally always on her guard. She always makes sure to take notice of the ways in and out of a room, or where ever she is, before she enters it. Even with her guard up, she does enjoy a bit of fun. She likes to spar with people, although not enough to cause actual damage or pain. She loves to go to the park, and she has her own favorite spot in the sections of the old park as well. These are mostly the places where Lily is alone, and when she is, she acts a little differently. Lily is, of course, rather used to being alone. Generally when she’s moving around by herself, she’ll have her pet, or she’ll be on high alert. Her heightened guard stems from her fear of ghosts of her past.

    As for some last general stuff about the street rat known as Lily, she is terrified of thunder. Completely, and utterly, and truly terrified of thunder. In the happenings of a storm going to hit, Lily will go find any place that is away from people, curl up into a little ball, and then refuse to move until it’s over. Her major fear of this common nature occurrence stems from the girl’s belief that thunder only happens when something bad is going to happen. The night her father died, it was storming outside. Another small fear that Lily has, is that no matter where she goes, where she ends up, or how much good she does in her life, her past of being a street rat will always come back and haunt her. That she will never escape from who she once was. Lily fears others getting hurt from her past; just because she used to be a thief. One last thing about Lily is that she hates water. She doesn't fear drowning, or the rain, but she just doesn't like water. Her favorite thing is fire. She loves the bright colors, the way the flames dance, and the heat it gives off. The only time her hatred for water is soothed, is when fire makes the water glisten and dance. Fire is wild and free, and where her family history comes from. This is why she feels so connected to the element.
    Appearance: Lily is a skinny girl, but she is of average height for her age. Standing at the height of 5’5”, she weighs less than she should from her years on the streets, only being 110lbs. Her skin color is of normal tone of people who walk the streets of republic city. For eye color, Lily’s eyes are a little unnatural. The color of her eyes is a bright red with a golden hue to them, this showing off her background of Fire Nation decent. For hair color, Lily’s hair is a deep blood red. In the summer time it will generally lighten only a shade lighter, but for the most part it remains the deep color of its roots. The length of her hair is down to just above her mid back and its pin straight. There are generally two ways in which she will wear her hair. One way being to leave it down straight, while her other choice is to pull it back into a messy bun. When it comes to added objects, Lily has two things. The first is the star shaped scar on her right shoulder. This being a wound from her old life. The second would be the engagement and wedding ring on her hand.

    For clothing, Lily doesn't own much, and doesn't want to. Currently, she has pretty much two different things she prefers to wear. One outfit includes an off the shoulder top, this one has short sleeves that are laced on the end. The length of the shirt is just reaches her waist line. The bottom sides of the shirt are also laced and tied off. For pants, Lily has skin tight black pants with a chain that hooks from the right side to the back of the pants. A silver belt wraps around her hips, more for show than for a practical use. On her feet, she has black laced boots that she loves so much. She also has a pair of sunglasses that have orange tinted lenses. This is normally her club wear.

    The other outfit that Lily wears is a bit more practical and also can be used when it comes to having to be professional and military. Usually around the city you can find her in a simple and plain black tank top. Below her waist she will usually be wearing simple jeans, or sometimes faded ones depending on the occasion. On her feet Lily will also wear those same lace up boots that she loves so much. However, over the top she wears the old tattered cloak that once belonged to her father. That being unless she did have to be more professional and military, then in which case she either will wear a purple military coat, or a dark blue blazer jacket. No matter the outfit, the girl will never be without her swords at her side.

    Character Information
    Bender: No
    --Element: N/a
    Affinity: Air/Water
    Class: Upper Middle Class
    Career: Information Specialist
    Birth: Early Summer
    Loyalty: Avatar
    Place of Birth: Republic City
    Residence: Republic City

    Strength: Excellent
    Speed: Excellent
    Stamina: Excellent
    Chi: Perfect
    Intelligence: Perfect

    Weapon Type: Dual Dao Swords
    Weapon Appearance: The blades are curved and single-edged, but with a few inches of the back edge sharpened as well. The hilts are canted, curving in the opposite direction as the blade. Her blades have specially shaped guards that allowed both blades to be sheathed in a single scabbard.
    Weapon Abilities: Her blades are fire resistant and rust resistant making it easier to cut through a bending attack. However, it doesn't prevent them from flying out of her hands or getting too hot to handle at times.

    Character Background
    History: On a crisp summer’s day in the early months, a baby with red hair and red eyes was born to two middle class merchants in a hospital in Republic City. This baby girl was given the name of Lilikanna, and came to be called Lily. Lily’s father, a kind and gentle man, was called Pathik. He was a toy maker, and he always had new and interesting toys for the growing Lily to play with. Lily’s mother, a rather untrustworthy and secretive woman, was called Hadria. She didn’t have a job of her own, and was a stay at home mother. Both of her parents were used to their life styles, and although it seemed her mother wanted more, her father was more than happy with what they had.

    Growing up, Lily favored her father. She’d never felt the daughterly bond to her mother like she had with her father. She loved to work with her father on new toys, even if she was only four at the time. Still, she loved to laugh with him, and work on inventions with him, and listen to all his stories of what they’d have if he got rich. Growing up how she had, Lily knew the value of a dollar, and what it meant to be rich, even if you didn’t have all the money in the world. None of that mattered to the young carefree girl. She had everything her little heart could ever desire with just her family.

    When Lily had turned seven, her life had changed drastically. A strange sickness that no one had ever seen before overcame her father. Taken out of work, and getting worse every day, Lily was forced to not only take care of her father, but deal with the evil woman that was her mother. Meanwhile, her mother was disappearing for hours at a time every day, and selling off everything that the family owned to hire and pay for a full time healer for her husband. Soon, even the house was gone, and they lived on the streets. The healer couldn’t do anything, and Lily’s father wasn’t getting any better no matter what they tried. Shortly after no longer being able to afford the healer, Lily’s father passed away. To a still seven year old Lily, her mother seemed overcome with grief.

    Waking up the next day, Lily was left alone. Scared, she didn’t know what to do, so she started to head towards the center of the city. Her father had taken her there before in order to show her the statue of the great Firelord Zuko. When she got there, Lily met a group of street kids, and they agreed to take her in. The oldest of the group was fifteen, and the youngest was five. Together, they taught each other the skills they would need in order to survive the cruel world they were now faced with. Most of the kids in the group didn’t have bending, and as such, they would often practice with sticks to get ready to defend themselves when they were older. For Lily, she was more than happy to have a family back.

    At the age of thirteen, Lily was a master thief. She knew how to get a hold of all the food she needed to help supply the younger kids, and to feed herself. It was out on a raid with two other boys, that lily came across the first thing that she’d be keeping a secret. When running from the shop they’d taken the food from, Lily ducked into a new shop. And she couldn’t help herself when she came across the Dual Dao Swords. Picking them off the shelf, she knew this was going to have to be one secret the rest of the kids couldn’t know about. As close as their family was, she didn’t trust any of them. She kept them out of sight from everyone else, and when it came to the night, she was always out, practicing with her new secret. No one could ever know.

    As Lily got older, her restlessness grew as well. She wanted to get out of Republic City, and begin an adventure exploring. Without saying a word to the rest of her ‘family,’ Lily up and left. Heading out into the Earth Kingdom, Lily started to explore the surrounding mountains. After the first night, Lily realized that it was a lot harder to survive out in the wilderness than it was to survive within the city. It was on the second day, closer to sunset, that the way the world really was finally set in. After not being able to find any food for a second day, Lily was just starting to fall asleep when the noise of fighting shocked her awake. Looking around, Lily found a small dog like creature that was no older than a puppy, being attacked by some kind of flying animal. Rushing in, Lily protected the small dog like creature, only to learn it was a wolf-bat. Not wanting to leave it on its own, Lily took the creature in. She returned to the city, unable to survive with both her and the small pup in the wild, and from then on, she lived on her own. Her new home was an ally way in which she could live in peace, and keep up her old ways.

    Living in the alleyway wasn’t awful, but Lily couldn’t help but want more out of life. On one night, Lily learned just how dangerous the city could actually be. She was eighteen, and had been living in peace for a while now. That being, until someone came crashing into her alley. The boy had surprised her, and it wasn’t long till she realized why he was running. Being jumped wasn’t really on Lily’s to-do list, however, she wasn’t going to sit back and let the gang hurt the boy who had stumped into her alley. Granted, she wasn’t expecting them to put up a fight either. At the end, they were gone, the boy was fine and he left her alone once more, but now Lily has a souvenir. From now on, Lily has a star shaped scar on her right shoulder.

    When Lily was nineteen, the next greatest event in her life played out. Lily was introduced to the avatar. Her ideas of how to better her life finally came into play, and Lily was then introduced to the white lotus. Joining them, Lily was next shipped over to meet with the United Forces. Becoming a part of them had been a little harder, and Lily has to work hard on learning the military ways. Her job now was an undercover top secret mission that no one but those who were in on it, knew about. Making the grand total of those who knew what she really did, about ten at the most. However, for a cover, and probably the only thing people knew about her now, Lily runs a nightclub. One of the most popular and hard to get into clubs in all of the city. No one knew where Lily came from, or even who she was before, but Lily was popular now.

    All good things usually had a down side, and that was no different from Lily’s increase in class. When everything was all together, and everything was starting to come together, the invasion happened. Amon started to take over, and it was up to the avatar and those who fought back to make things right. During the entire event, Lily fought little side battles until she finally made her way to her goal. Joining forces with Zen, her commander of the United Forces (and boyfriend of course), Lily started to really get into the fighting then. Most of the Equalists were stunned. A non-bender working with the benders forces of the nations. Lily only felt like she was fitting in better. She finally had a purpose to her life, and she wasn’t going to let some mad man mess that up.

    Once everything was back to normal, Lily set back into her undercover. She’d had to make some repairs on the nightclub, but nothing of her undercover job was ever exposed. Now it was really time for her to start her life. Things were about to get interesting. That she at least knew. And so they did. It wasn't much longer when Zen had proposed to Lily, and the two of them got married. They preferred to keep the entire thing quiet, not telling hardly anyone. Although when you wear a ring, people ask questions.

    When the whole civil war thing started, Lily actually got quite busy. She fed information about everything going on down there to both Korra and the United Forces, as well as the white lotus, as was her job. She kept an eye on the movements of people and supplies. This was how she knew when things were getting really bad. However, it wasn't long until Korra had everything under control, and things reverted back to normal... almost.

    Now with Harmonic Convergence behind them, there was just one small matter still to face. This matter being that now spirits could roam freely around in the physical world. That was great and all, but the vines still posed a problem, and a major one for Lily, since they chose to home themselves in her night club. Thankfully, they didn't expose her secret business at all. However, her actual night club business was in a heap of trouble...

    Code of Approval: I will follow the rules or else I give permission for the admins to sacrifice my sorry butt to Koh, who will eat my face.

    RP Sample:
    The moon was just starting to rise above the horizon as Lily peered through the broken dirty window that showed her the open alleyway she called home. Carefully, she slipped the scabbard of her swords out the window's opening, and then pulled herself up and through it. She moved silently to the entrance to the dark alley, and looked out onto the streets. Most people had gone home and gone to bed, but Lily knew better than to just go walking out into the open at this time of night. Reaching behind her, Lily placed her swords on her back securing them to her, and then pulled her hood up over her head. She gripped the drain pipe on the side of the abandoned building to her left, and climbed up it until she could pull herself onto the roof. Crouching down, she made sure the streets she needed to take were clear, before she started to move. She needed to find food, and this was the best time to do it.

    Dropping back down onto the street by way of the drain pipe, she checked the restraints that held it to the building, as she did every time, then started to walk. Lily knew better than to walk in the lights that lined the streets. Instead she kept to the shadows as was where she felt the most comfortable. She loved the lights though. Their glowing warmth and safety they offered most people. It was why she felt so close to fire. It was always warm and made her feel safe. Unless it was a fire bender running her away from their shop and such. Turning down another alleyway, Lily found what she was looking for. The back door to a restaurant in the city. They always left it unlocked when there people inside, and if it wasn't, Lily had gotten good at picking the lock.

    Trying the door quietly, it swung open without a sound. She didn't need too much space to slip inside, and it was rather easy to do so. Lily paused when she walked in, crouching down in the shadows to the right of the door and pulling it closed once more with a soft click. She waited patiently to see if anyone was in the immediate area, and when she heard nothing, she moved carefully around the kitchen. She knew where to find everything in this one restaurant from being here so often. She grabbed as much canned food as possible, and then looked for some meats. By the sink a drop of water fell hitting the bottom of the sink with a soft drip. Lily froze. Was there a water bender near by? She waited, listening to the sounds once more.

    A door to her left opened, and she quickly cringed away from the search and the open area she was in. Hiding behind one of the counters that held pots and pans and had an open bottom, she looked for whoever it was who had entered the kitchen. The man was older, and Lily couldn't help but feel ashamed of her theft. Still, she needed this to survive, and she had no intention of not surviving in this city. Lily started to move away from the man who went over to the sink. He was too close for comfort, and she needed to get out. The man turned the water on and started to clean dishes, Lily backed towards the door, staying low. One of the cans in her arms slipped, hitting the ground with a metalic clang. The man turned, spotted Lily and began to shout. Water from the sink started to come at her, and Lily quickly stood and ran towards the door. She managed to open it when the water wrapped around her ankle.

    The cans in her arms went flying out into the alleyway as she hit the ground. The water pulled her back towards the man and she had no choice but to kick at it and grip hopelessly for her weapons. When she realized she wasn't going to be able to break free, Lily found anything in her reach and chucked it at the man. He blocked them easily with more water, but his focus on holding onto her slipped just enough for her to kick free. She dove towards the door once more and this time slipped out and slammed it shut before he could grab her again. She quickly collected as many of the scattered cans as she dared before she darted down the street ways once more, only pausing when she reached the alley she called home.

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