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    Post by Terran Lockheart on Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:17 pm

    Basic Information
    Name: Terran Lockheart
    --Nickname: N/A
    ---Special Title: Secret Air Bender
    Gender: Male
    Visual Age: 17
    Actual Age: 22
    On the outside...
    Terran is a curious individual who seems to be
    apart of everything. You would have to go to a whole other village to
    meet someone whose never heard of him. He is naturally friendly towards
    anyone he meets and offers free advice to anyone who asks for it. He
    enjoys just hanging out with friends and talking about random topics
    about the current events. He is very open towards people, especially
    woman, and can often be seen hanging out with the girls more than the
    boys. However, no matter how close he may get to a girl he will never
    accept that fact that he can fall in love. He openly states that he
    doesn't believe in such an emotion as love.

    In the Inside...
    Terran keeps his anger built up in a bubble which when he pops he will let out
    days of stress and anger. When his bubble pops he either goes into a
    wild rant about how everyone only asks for help or he becomes very
    silent. Despite openly admitting he doesn't believe in love, he desperately wants to be proven wrong. He also wishes that he could get
    some alone time but it seems like everyone wants to talk to him about
    something, though, he never admits it openly because he would be afraid
    of hurting other peoples feelings.

    In battle...
    During a
    battle Terran is very offensive, always trying to get a hit in as fast
    and hard as possible. He believes that a quick fight is the best fight
    because then he can move on to the next without to much wasted energy. Terran prefers to fight at medium range and close range combat. He starts out with Medium range attacks to lure his
    opponent to believe he his a mid ranges combatant and then during the
    battle he would suddenly switch to close range. Because of
    of splitting his training between two types of fighting he, he has become less predictable.

    Terran is a tall young man who has a very fit and toned body stature.
    His skin has a pale complexion with flawless skin. Terran has
    dichromatic eyes, meaning two different colors. His right eye is blue
    while the left eye is brown. Despite this fact, Terran's eyes glow an
    eerie blue while using Zanzer, slightly hindering people from seeing the
    natural mutation that makes his eyes different colors. Terran's hair is
    naturally a silver, gray, platinum, and white mixture to form a nifty
    color that is often not seen as a hair color. The length of his hair is
    medium and is kept in a spiky fashion.

    For Terrans torso he
    dawns a black blazer that buttons up the torso. Over that he wears a
    torn black leather trench coat. The bottom has been shredded and instead
    of being as long as normal it is torn so it is at pelvis level. A few
    bits of the shredded remains of the former length can still be seen.
    Also the sleeves of the leather trench coat have a zipper that unzips at
    the wrist to right below the elbow. Terran also wears a pair of cobalt
    blue gloves.

    When those zippers unzip, cloth wing like things drop down for air bending purposes. These cloth accessories are then clipped to his belt, forming wings.

    For pants he wears black, denim pants that go down
    and cover the top part of Terran's black, steal toe, leather boots that
    have black laces. Terran wears a black belt that has a raised square
    pattern on them with a "X" located on the right of the belt. Terran
    keeps his headband tucked inside the left inner pocket of his trench

    Terran Lockheart Anime-2

    Character Information
    Bender: Yes
    --Element: Air
    Affinity: Water/Air
    Class: poor
    Career: Side jobs
    Birth: Summer
    Loyalty: Avatar
    Place of Birth: Northern Water Tribe
    Residence: Travels, his main place to stay are the Eastern air temple, or Republic city.

    Strength:Above Average
    Speed: Above Average
    Stamina:Above Average
    Chi: Excellent
    Intelligence: Above Average

    Special Abilities:

    Weapon Type:N/A
    Weapon Appearance:
    Weapon Abilities:

    Character Background
    History: Terran was born in the northern water tribe to a non bending father and a water bending mother. The mother was a native to the Northern Water Tribe, but the Father was from a caravan of entertainers, gypsy folk, and other oddities. The two met when the caravan spent a week in Republic city.

    The Caravan was there to celebrate another great feat of Avatar Aang, and Terran's mother was shopping for medicinal supplies. The man's performance of acrobatic wonders, the sight ensnared her, and she asked him for a drink. The dates when on, and finally, he decided to not return to his caravan, and stayed with the women. His parents tought him well, but passed away from illness.

    When Terran was born, the local head medicine women said she sensed a strong bender in the boy. The mother was so proud, and waited till the boy could waterbend. By the age of five, and still no bending, his mother began to worry, most children showed some signs by now.

    The father took him out to train though, train him in the acrobatics his parents taught him, that was passed down for almost two hundred years. When Terran tried it, he accidentally kicked a wave of air. All this time, it seemed his father descended from air benders, but the mixing of it with water bender genes made the bending in Terran strong enough to be used, and air bending was a dominant trait.

    Terran never had formal training, learning how to air bend was difficult. His father showed him everything, which turned out to be air bending moves used as acrobatics. His mother taught him the waterbending style, so he could fake being a water bender if needed. Terran learned air bending, and pseudo bending, moving rocks and water with air, in case he ever needed to avoid trouble.

    Leaving on his Journey at the age of sixteen, he would travel around, seeing the world, and one day return to his at least see his parents. HE could not stay thee, to attract attention to his air bending. It would not be fair or the tribe, for his family, for his home.

    Now he is twenty two, he has seen more of the world, he has run into equalist rally's. HE has gained new clothes, learned gliding, and has heard the Avatar is learning airbending straight from Tenzin, the Air representative, and son of the Late Avatar Aang. He will go there, he will show his style of airbending to Tenzin. Maybe get the tattoos, and he wants to try and make it in Pro bending.

    Code of Approval:I will follow the rules or be Equalized.

    RP Sample:

    Terran was in Republic City at last. Now he had to make his way to Ait Temple Island. Sadly though, the people were not all that friendly. Most of them looked like random thugs, and he was not looking to cause problems for himself, or anyone for that matter, on his first day in the melting pot city of the world.

    Walking into and Ally, he jumped, propelling himself with air under his feat, and landed on top of the tall, red building. Looking around, he saw two islands in the distance. One had a giant statue of Avatar Aang in his younger years, the other island had a large pagoda on it...Terran was willing to bet that was wear he needed to go.

    Looking around, there were not that many people in the area. He leaped from building to building, putting acrobatic skills to the test, and soon he made it across to the ferry boat that was supposed to take him to the island...only to find out they would not let him on, saying he had no business there. Well, that was not what he wanted to hear, the secret air bender scowled, and walked around the boat to the side with no guards.

    Rather then be a stowaway, Terran would use his Psudo bending talent, and create a ball of air to ride on in the water, and make it look like he was riding on the water. Jumping in and twisting his hands,Teran was off on what looked like a water jet. Within minutes he was on air temple island.

    Reaching the shore, Terran approached the large staircase and stopped. He gazed up at the site and took a deep breath. He had seen all the old air temples, but this was the new one, the one were other air benders like him were. A tear streamed down his cheek, he was finally in lace where there were people...people like him...

    Source I am Korra >.<

    I found this picture on google three years ago...
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